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Course Descriptions

The Computer Science curriculum prepares students for careers in all areas of the computer industry as well as for graduate studies in computer science and computer related fields. Students have also found a computer science major to be excellent preparation for careers in law, medicine, business administration, industrial engineering, biomedical engineering, and other technical and non-technical fields.

CSSE 241 - Computing in a Global Society

  • Credit Hours: 2R-6L-4C
  • Term Available: -
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: No
  • Prerequisites: CSSE 220 or CSSE 221 Arranged prerequisite
  • Corequisites: None

The ability to work with colleagues from other cultures and to work on international projects are key assets in today's job market. The centerpiece of this course is a real-world computing project that students develop in cooperation with peers from an institution of higher education in a foreign country. Exposes students to the procedures and complexities of working on projects that span many time-zones and cultures. Additionally, students examine the use and impact of computing in a global community. International travel is required; students will be expected to incur additional expenses (will vary depending on the project, institution, and country). May be repeated once (for free elective credit only) if the country involved is different.

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