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Engineering Management – Degrees & Minor

Rose‑Hulman Engineering Management degrees are designed for engineers who seek to deepen their technical background while acquiring solid, forward-looking management credentials. In our curricula, you'll find the management foundations of an MBA, but with added technical focus.

Requirements for Master of Science in Engineering Management (MSEM)

A project-based curriculum for those with keen research abilities. Students will be able to engage in action research related to the engineering management discipline.
  • 20 Technical Focus Credits
  • 20 Management Focus Credits
  • 8 Integrated Project Experience Credits
  • 3 Graduate Seminar Credits
51 Total Credits

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Course-based professional degree for students seeking in-depth understanding of engineering management.
  • 20 Technical Focus Credits
  • 20 Management Focus Credits
  • 8 Graduate Elective Credits
  • 3 Graduate Seminar Credits
51 Total Credits

Minor in Entrepreneurship

This 20-credit undergraduate minor introduces engineering students to the process and challenges of translating an innovative idea into a viable product or service.
  • 8 Required Course Credits
  • 12 Free Elective Credits
20 Total Credits

"The Rose-Hulman MSEM is a tough, thorough program with a focus on managing technical organizations. I call it my technical MBA.”

- Jeff Gilbert (2006) – President, Software Engineering Professionals (SEP)

Engineer developing a part for an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Account Executive

Account Executive/Sales Managers direct organizational sales teams, set goals, analyze data, and develop training programs for sales representatives.
Biomedical engineer studying object through a microscope.

Consulting Engineer

Consulting engineers play a key role in the global economy, providing critical technical and management services in a broad range of fields as one of the largest professional service providers.
Engineer designing a device on a laptop computer.

Manufacturing Operations Manager

These highly skilled professionals have extensive organizational responsibilities including quality control, customer service, inventory control, materials planning, cost, and dealing with vendors.
Dr. Craig Downing lecturing to a class.

Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing, is the Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning, and Head of the Department of Engineering Management and Professor, has extensive experience teaching manufacturing, management, and mathematics at the post-secondary level. He has 10 years of industrial experience, four years as a process engineer, and six years as a private consultant for organizations such as Lockheed Martin/NASA, Parker Hannifin, and Crain Enterprises.
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