Ranjana Chandramouli

Ranjana Chandramouli

Ranjana is a 2014 chemical engineering alumna working as a senior process control engineer at Eli Lilly and Company.
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How did Rose help you get where you are today?

Obviously, Rose-Hulman gives you a very strong and sound technical basis to build your career, but I think, more importantly, Rose helped with my learning agility and confidence in taking leadership in situations that call for it.

What professor had the biggest impact on you?

Dr. Diane Evans – you could see her passion and love for her subject, teaching, and her students. She always gave good context for the things we were learning and you could see that she genuinely wanted to make a difference in the Rose community and her students.

Favorite or most-lasting memory from Rose?

I was a member of the Student Activities Board (SAB) and I always loved planning Month-of-a-Million Laughs during winter quarter or serving Sundaes on Sunday for finals week. Rose can be hard and grueling and those moments of complete levity and fun were always cherished.

What's the nerdiest thing you do?

I think it’d be easier to answer what I don’t do that’s nerdy! I enjoy playing board games and am currently designing a DOE (Design of Experiment) for how to make the perfect macaron (a French cookie).

Best-kept secret at Rose?

At Rose – you don’t have to define yourself or keep yourself in a box. You can be involved in so much outside of your classes, including athletics, Greek Life, volunteering, clubs, and leadership, and still excel academically.

Advice for new Rose students?

Be open to new friends and experiences, talk to your professors, and don’t be afraid to do something really crazy and impulsive – you have to enjoy your college experience!
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