Welcome from the Parents' Association Co-Chairs

Dear Parents,

As proud parents of Rose-Hulman students, nothing is more exhilarating than visiting our children on campus - meeting their friends, chatting with the future leaders in the engineering world, and spending quality time with our children over a nice dinner or a long walk on the beautiful campus grounds. One of the ways which helps parents be part of this enriching experience is through the Rose-Hulman Parents' Association.

Through the Rose-Hulman Parents' Association, new parents and students discover some of the less widely known attributes about the college: the students' world-class t-shirt collections, fantastic study abroad programs, music and theater productions, a competitive intramural sports program and a variety of cool student-sponsored enrichment programs and activities. The more you hang around campus, the more you realize that Rose-Hulman excels because it is amazingly supportive of its students.

At first glance, the above student activities don't seem to have much in common with the great education for which Rose-Hulman is best known. Yet, the college not only graduates great engineers, it develops well-rounded future leaders who have been given every possible opportunity to realize and develop their potential.

A vibrant and growing Parents' Association has achieved many altruistic accomplishments over the years, e.g., supporting a new stone entrance at the main campus driveway entrance, the addition of a stoplight at the main entrance, and new directional signage on campus.

The Parents' Association is one facet of the Rose-Hulman group effort. It lets families get involved in the students' education and is an important part of the amazing camaraderie of the campus community.

The students don't just "show up." Neither should we parents. The Parents' Association encourages parents and families to get involved, just like the students do, so that we can contribute, experience and enjoy that camaraderie for ourselves. By becoming involved in the association, you are helping your student continue to develop.

The Parents' Association does several things, too numerous to mention in a small column such as this. Come to the Parents' Association meetings. Support the activities. Help create new activities. Be involved. The few hours a year that you spend with the Parents' Association are not time taken away from your student; it's time given to your student and to the Rose-Hulman fabric and traditions. It's also a "great" excuse to come to campus a few weekends each year.

The Parents' Association meets just four times a year. The meetings are conducted in the Hulman Memorial Union and start at 9 a.m. We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

Best of all, membership in the Parents' Association is free, and it's an organization of parents - just like you.


Brian Lakstins      Frank Milluzzi
Co-Chair             Co-Chair