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Large scale posters

Paper sizes 24",36" 42" widths

Use Powerpoint to create poster

Click "Design" to set poster printed size

Cost is $1.25 per square foot

Email .ppt or PDF file here.  


Large Scale Document Lamination

Can laminate documents up to 42" width

Two side lamination .50 square foot

Adhesive one side .55 square foot

Lamination front side/adhesive back side .65 square foot


Rapid Prototyping

Extruded ABS plastic models

Machine envelope size 10" x 10" x 12"

Cost is $4.50 per square inch material used

Email .stl file to here.

Also submit a dimensioned drawing


CNC Milling

Milling table size 5" x 10"

Can mill most user supplied materials

Email .dfx file here.

Supply a paper drawing with file


CNC lathe

Can turn most materials

4 inch diameter x 12 inch length

Email .dfx file here.

Supply a paper drawing with file


Coordinate Measuring Machine

Precision 3D computer measuring system


Phoenix E-Ray machine

E-ray circuit boards, ICs, potted electronic devices


MTS Table Top Tensile Tester

Transducers available 15kn, 2.55kn, 500N, 20 lbf

Computer programmable testing

Approximate stroke of pull or push is 4 inches


Metcaf Electronic Solder Station

Instant controlled heat to various tip sizes.


Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing

Proteus ver7 software

Design and test schematics

Layout PCBs

Export files for routing

LPKF PCB router

Utilizes Gerber files for routing

LPKF Plater

Enables copper plated thru holes


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