Chemical Engineering Names Fall 2019-20 Noel E. Moore Achievement Award Recipients

Friday, November 15, 2019
Three students holding their Noel Moore award certificates.

The Department of Chemical Engineering recognizes the good attitudes that these students show toward learning and congratulates Lauren, Emily and Ester for being great role models.

The Department of Chemical Engineering has announced the winners of the Noel E. Moore Achievement Award for fall quarter 2019-20.

The winners are sophomore Lauren M. Copland, junior Emily T. Struble, and senior Ester E. Perez.

Each quarter, the department recognizes academic excellence on the part of our students. The awards are named in memory of Professor Noel E. Moore, an outstanding educator and faculty leader on campus for 30 years. Moore served for a decade as head of the Department of Chemical Engineering was an early leader of Operation Catapult, and was a key advocate for making the institute co-educational. He was named an emeritus faculty member after his retirement in 1998. He passed away in 2018.


Lauren M. Copland (Sophomore)
Lauren Copland is nominated for the Noel Moore Award for her great presence in and out of the classroom. Professor Adam Nolte, head of the department of chemical engineering, says Lauren is "always prepared,  thinks diligently through the material, asks great questions, and makes strong connections with this foundational subject." He adds, that outside of the classroom, "Lauren participates in various volunteer activities and has been active in outdoor clubs and Chem-E-Car. Congratulations, Lauren!"

Emily T. Struble (Junior)
Emily Struble is recognized for her thoughtful participation in the learning process, strong work ethic, and positive attitude. Dr. Nolte notes that, both in and out of the classroom, "Emily asks thoughtful questions that help create a more engaging and inclusive learning environment. She works diligently to review and understand concepts and is always eager to make connections between what she is learning in class and real life. Emily also contributes her talents outside of the classroom as a member of the women’s softball team. Congratulations, Emily!"

Ester E. Perez (Senior)
Ester Perez is recognized for her dedication and excellent work ethic in the Chemical Engineering curriculum. "She strives for complete understanding and is never afraid to ask relevant questions," Nolte says. "Ester has made large strides during her time at Rose and her focus has been on mastery of the material. Ester seeks advice from the faculty and more importantly heeds it. Congratulations, Ester!"