Princeton Review's 'Best 380 Colleges' Gives Rose-Hulman High Marks for 'Colleges That Pay You Back,' Career Placement

Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Professor speaks with student at a laptop computer.

Supporting Environment: Rose-Hulman's academics are rigorous, but a student told The Princeton Review that "the material is difficult…but the culture is supportive, so you make it work." (Photo by Shawn Spence)

You won't find Rose-Hulman listed among The Princeton Review's top party school rankings.

Rather, the institute is better known for its value as a "College that Pays You Back,"--ranking No. 8, even when a student is not eligible for need-based financial aid-and being No. 5 for Best Career Placement. Also, Rose-Hulman was cited as one of America's best colleges for undergraduate education, being featured in the 2016 edition of The Best 380 Colleges guidebook.

Only about 15 percent of the nation's 2,500 four-year colleges are profiled in this year's book, which is one of The Princeton Review's most popular guides. It features a two-page profile examining aspects of Rose-Hulman's academic quality, student body characteristics, campus lifestyle, admissions procedures, and financial costs, based on student survey responses.

"Rose-Hulman's outstanding academics are the chief reason we chose it for this book, and we strongly recommend it to applicants," says Robert Franek, Princeton Review's senior vice president-publisher and author of The Best 380 Colleges.

In its profile, The Princeton Review praises Rose-Hulman for its personal attention, small class sizes, and a family atmosphere. A student summed up the institute's teaching philosophy as "theory is important, but application is everything," and another student stated, "Rose-Hulman is where nerds go to finally feel like they belong." Lastly, a student added, "the material is difficult…but the culture is supportive, so you make it work."

Institutions on the Colleges That Pay You Back list "deliver outstanding academics while working to be affordable to students with need," said Franek.

Regarding career placement, The Princeton Review saluted Rose-Hulman's 99 percent job placement rate within six months of graduation, which is enhanced by the institute's "great alumni base," and expanding national and global reputation.

A total of 417 companies participated in Rose-Hulman's three career fairs during the 2014-15 school year, 133 companies conducted a record 2,274 on-campus job interviews, and 772 companies posted jobs and requested resumes, according to the Office of Career Services. Ninety percent of Rose-Hulman's 2015 graduates had accepted jobs, planned to attend graduate school, or received military commissions by commencement, with an average accepted salary of $66,940. The high accepted job offer was $106,000.

Starting and mid-career salary statistics joined alumni surveys from as factors in developing Princeton's career placement rankings. Eighty percent of Rose-Hulman graduates reported high satisfaction with their jobs, and 82 percent of alumni recommended the college to others.