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Rose-Hulman NSF-REU Technical Report Series (MSTR)*

* part of the Rose-Hulman Mathematical Sciences Technical Report Series (MSTR).  Copies available from the MSTR home page if not linked below.


MSTR 12-02  link to pdf   Robust Analysis of Metabolic Pathways,  Emily Gruber, Amy Ko, Michael MacGillivray, and Miranda Sawyer

MSTR 12-03  link to pdf   Thermal Detection of Inaccessible Corrosion,  Matthew Charnley and Andrew Rzeznik

MSTR 12-04  link to pdf   Determining Properties of Metal by Analyzing Changes in Impedance,  Chase Mathison and Laura Booton


MSTR 11-01  link to pdf   The Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm and Functional Graphs,  Christopher Evans

MSTR 11-02  link to pdf   Structure and Randomness of the Discrete Lambert Map,  JingJing Chen and Mark Lotts

MSTR 11-03  link to pdf   Cloaking Against Thermal Imaging,  Maple So

MSTR 11-04  link to pdf   Nondestructive Electrothermal Detection of Corrosion,  Brittany Ambeau, Harris Enniss, and Stefan Schnake

MSTR 11-05  link to pdf   The Square Discrete Exponentiation Map,  Alex Wood


MSTR 10-04  link to pdf   Discrete Logarithms on Elliptic Curves,  Aaron Blumenfeld

MSTR 10-05  link to pdf   Structure and Statistics of the Self-Power Map,  Matthew Friedrichsen, Brian Larson, and Emily McDowell

MSTR 10-07  link to pdf   G-lattices for an Unrooted Perfect Phylogeny,  Monica Grigg

MSTR 10-08  link to pdf   Bilinear Programming and Protein Structure Alignment,  J. Cain, D. Kamenetsky, N. Lavine


MSTR 09-06  link to pdf   Structural Properties of Power Digraphs Modulo n,  Joseph Kramer-Miller

MSTR 09-07  link to pdf   Discrete Logarithm over Composite Moduli,  Marcus L. Mace

MSTR 09-08  link to pdf   The Digraph of the Square Mapping on Elliptic Curves,  Katrina Glaeser

MSTR 09-09  link to pdf   Statistical Investigation of Structure in the Discrete Logarithm,  Andrew Hoffman


MSTR 07-01  link to pdf   Isomorphisms of Elliptic Curves over Extensions of Finite Fields,  Matthew Niemerg

MSTR 07-02  link to pdf   The Discrete Logarithm Problem and Ternary Functional Graphs,  Max F. Brugger, Christina A. Frederick


MSTR 06-01  link to pdf   Non-Destructive Recovery of Voids within a Three Dimensional Domain using Thermal Imaging,  Victor Oyeyemi and Kurt Bryan

MSTR 06-02  link to pdf   Thermal Imaging to Recover a Defect in Three Dimensional Objects,  Breanne Baker


MSTR 05-01 Time-Dependent Thermal Imaging of Circular Inclusions, Donald Brown and Mark Hubenthal

MSTR 05-02 Thermal Imaging of Circular Inclusions within a Two-Dimensional Region, Hilary Spring and Shannon Talbott


MSTR 04-02 Determining the Length of a One-Dimensional Bar, Natalya Yarlikina and Holly Walrath

MSTR 04-03 Non-Destructive Testing of Thermal Resistances for a Single Inclusion In a 2-Dimensional Domain, Nicholas Christian and Mathew A. Johnson

MSTR 04-04 Reconstruction of Partially Conductive Cracks using Boundary Data, David McCune and Janine Haugh


MSTR 03-01  When Abelian Groups Split, Robert C. Rhoades, Rachel L. Thomas


MSTR 02-02  Hyperbolic Billiard Paths, Rebecca Lehman, Chad White

MSTR 02-07  Pigeon-Holing Monodromy Groups: Niles G. Johnson

MSTR 02-08  The Galois Correspondence for Branched Covering Spaces and Its Relationship to Hecke Algebras: Matt Ong

MSTR 02-09  Applications of Graph Theory to Separability: Stepehen Young

MSTR 02-10  Characterizing a Defect in a One-Dimensional Bar: Cynthia Gangi and Sameer Shah

MSTR 02-13  Tilings of Low-Genus Surfaces by Quadrilaterals: John Gregoire and Isabel Averill

MSTR 02-14  Fast Reconstruction of Cracks Using Boundary Measurements, Rachel M. Krieger and Nic A. Trainor

MSTR 02-15  Reconstruction of Cracks with Unknown Transmission Condition from Boundary Data, F. Ron Ogborne and Melissa E. Vellala.


MSTR 01-01  Triangular Surface Tiling Groups for Low Genus: S. Allen Broughton, Robert M. Dirks, Maria T. Sloughter, C. Ryan Vinroot


MSTR 00-01  Cwatset Isomorphism and its Consequences: Carolyn M. Girod, Matthew Lepinski, Joseph R. Mileti, Jennifer R. Paulhus

MSTR 00-03  Lengths of Geodesics on Klein's Quartic Curve: Ryan Derby-Talbot

MSTR 00-05  Classification of Cwatsets Through Order 23, Dennis Lin, Ben Goodwin

MSTR 00-08  Quest for Tilings on Riemann Surfaces of Genus Six and Seven: Robert M. Dirks and Maria T. Sloughter

MSTR 00-09  Lengths of Systoles on Tileable Hyperbolic Surfaces: Kevin Woods

MSTR 00-10  Separability of Tilings: Nick Baeth, Jason Deblois, and  Lisa Powell


MSTR 99-01 Automorphic Subsets of the n-Dimensional Cube are Translations of Cwatsets: Matthew Lepinski

MSTR 99-02 Tilings Which Split at a Mirror:  Jim Belk

MSTR 99-04  Divisible Tilings in the Hyperbolic Plane: S. Allen Broughton, Dawn M. Haney, Lori T. McKeough and
Brandy M. Smith


MSTR 98-02 Symmetry and Tiling Groups for Genus 4 and 5: C. Ryan Vinroot

MSTR 98-04 Quadrilaterals Subdivided by Triangles in the Hyperbolic Plane: Dawn M. Haney and Lori T. McKeough


MSTR 97-01 Generalized Conjugacy Classes: Pramod N. Achar

MSTR 97-02 The Link between Scrambling Numbers and Derangements: Barry Balof, Eric Farmer, Jamie Kawabata

MSTR 97-03 Ovals Intersections in Tilings on Surfaces: Dennis A. Schmidt


MSTR 96-03 CWATSETS: Weights, Cardinalities, and generalizations Richard Mohr


MSTR 95-01 Conjugacy Classes of Triple Products in Finite Groups: Kevin Hutson and Emily Salvo

MSTR 95-02 An Elementary Proof That Finite Groups Lack Unique Product Structures: Matthew Cushman

MSTR 95-06 Rectangular Groups: N. Fiala, C. Hanscom, P. Keenan and T. Tran


MSTR 94-01 Finite Groups Can Be Arbitrarily Hamiltonian: Stephen Ahearn and Mark Huber

MSTR 94-02 Computing Order Classes of Triple Products in Finite Groups: Scott Annin and Jennifer Ziebarth

MSTR 94-03 Square Roots of Finite Groups: Kashi Abhyankar and Daniel Grossman

MSTR 94-06 Square Roots of Finite Groups -- II: Matthew Devos, David McAdams and Rebecca Rapoport

MSTR 94-07 Distinct Products of Triples in Finite Groups: Curtis Z. Mitchell


MSTR 93-01 When is the Number of p-Subgroups of a Group Satisfying a Property Congruent to 1 Mod p?: Jason Fulman and Jeff Vanderkam

MSTR 93-02 Hypergraph Representations and Orders of Cwatsets: Julie Kerr

MSTR 93-04 Bounds on Squares of Two-Sets: Dan Slilaty and Jeff Vanderkam


MSTR 92-01 Data on Four-Rewriteability in Finite Groups: Sharon A. Kineke

MSTR 92-02 Rewriteability, Commutators and Fundamental n-Rewritings: Lawren Smithline

MSTR 92-03 A4-Rewriteability: Eric Wepsic, Kevin O'Bryant and Lawren Smithline

MSTR 92-04 Some Facts About Cycles and Tidy Groups: K. O'Bryant, D. Patrick, L. Smithline and E. Wepsic

MSTR 92-05 Counting Nilpotent Pairs in Finite Groups: Some Conjectures: H. Dubose-Schmidt, M. D. Galloy and D. L. Wilson

MSTR 92-06 Some Upper Bounds for Commutativity and Cyclicity Measures in Finite Groups: D. Patrick, C. Sugar and E. Wepsic

MSTR 92-07 The 2/3 Bound for Rewriteable n-Tuples: L. M. Smithline and C.A. Sugar

MSTR 92-08 Counting Nilpotent Pairs: J. Fulman, M. Galloy and J. Vanderkam

MSTR 92-09 Divisibility By |G| for Powers of Ordered k-Sets: Jeffery M. Vanderkam

MSTR 92-10 Cubing Ordered 2-Sets: Jeffery M. Vanderkam


MSTR 91-02 An Upper Bound for 3-Rewriteability in Finite Groups: Jordan Ellenberg

MSTR 91-04 Counting Centralizers in Finite Groups: Sarah Marie Belcastro and Gary J. Sherman

MSTR 91-05 Cyclicizers, Centralizers and Normalizers: David Patrick and Eric Wepsic

MSTR 91-06 More Upper Bounds for the 3-Rewriteability of Non-3-Rewriteable Groups: Eric Wepsic


MSTR 90-01 Maximal Order Three-Rewriteable Subgroups of Symmetric Groups: John T. O'Bryan

MSTR 90-02 A Numerical Approach to Rewriteability in Finite Groups: J. L. Leavitt, G. J. Sherman and M. E. Walker

MSTR 90-03 Fibonacci Sequences in Finite Groups: Steven W. Knox

MSTR 90-04 Sets of Typical Subsamples: Joel E. Atkins and Gary J. Sherman

MSTR 90-05 How Hamiltonian Can a Finite Group Be?: G. J. Sherman, T. J. Tucker and M. E. Walker

MSTR 90-06 Rewriteable Sequencings of Groups: Jeanne Nielsen

MSTR 90-08 Dihedral Rewriteablility: Cheryl P. Grood

MSTR 90-09 Some Facts About Cwat-Sets: Martin Wattenberg

Rose-Hulman NSF-REU Refereed Publications

Please request copies of papers from the authors.
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  • Belcastro, S.M. and G.J. Sherman, Counting Centralizers in Finite Groups, Mathematics Magazine, 67 (1994),366-374.
  • Ellenberg, J.S., G.J. Sherman, I.M. Smithline, C.A. Sugar, and Eric Wepsic, The Combinatorics of Rewriteability in Finite Groups, Proc of Ohio State Denison Conference in Memory of Hans Zassenhaus, World Scientific (1993), 250-261.
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  • Kurt Bryan, Janine Haugh, and David McCune, Fast Imaging of Partially Conductive Linear Cracks Using Impedance Data; Inverse Problems 22 (2005), p. 1337-1358.

Other Articles

Publications by non-REU undergraduates resulting from REU work and in consultation with REU faculty mentors.
  • Cushman, M., An Elementary Proof that Finite Groups Lack Unique Product Structures, Journal of Algebra 180 (1996), p. 206-207.
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