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Rules & Procedures - November Completion

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November Completion

Seniors who expect to complete graduation requirements at the end of a fall term may petition the Registrar to attend the preceding Spring Commencement and be recognized as a "November Completions." (That is, if they are a quarter 'behind' in their work, they might wish to participate in the ceremony where their classmates' graduate.) They should have, as of the end of the spring term, 24 hours or less of course requirements to complete and be able to demonstrate that they can reasonably fulfill all requirements by November. (If they have 12 hours or less to complete, they qualify for SUMMER COMPLETION.)

NOTE: November graduates, regardless of which Commencement ceremony they choose to participate in, are normally considered members of the class that graduates in the spring of that calendar year.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Dean of Faculty.

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