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Rules & Procedures - Grade Reports

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Grade Reports

Mid-Term Grades for each student are submitted to the Registrar at the end of the 5th week of the term. These grades are made available to the advisor and the student. Usually, this is on Monday of the 6th week. The Mid-Term Grade reflects the performance on the graded work during the first five weeks of the term but does not necessarily represent half of the final grade in the course.

Final Grades for each student, along with term and cumulative GPA, are made available to the student by the Registrar, usually within a week after the end of finals. Students whose grades place them on Probation will also receive a letter from the Registrar at this time.

The Final Grade Reports are filed with the Registrar's Office and made available to the student's advisor and the Dean of Students. At the beginning of the next term, the student is expected to confer promptly with the advisor about scholastic progress.

Grade change report

If a student completes the work to remove an Incomplete grade from the academic record, or if a grade assigned in a course is to be changed for other reasons (e.g., an error made by the instructor in calculating the grade), a Grade Change Report listing the reason for the grade change must be filled out by the instructor and sent to the Registrar through the Dean of the Faculty. A copy of the Grade Change Report or a revised Grade Report may be sent to the student or the change may simply be reflected in the next term's cumulative GPA. If the grade change is not reflected in the next term's cumulative GPA, the student should verify with the Registrar's Office that the change has been recorded on the permanent record.

Also see Graduation Requirements.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Office of the Registrar.

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