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Rose-Hulman Makes America's Top 10 Techiest Colleges List

Rose-Hulman Makes America's Top 10 Techiest Colleges List

With technology proudly in its name, it shouldn't be surprising that Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology would be ranked sixth among the Top 10 Techiest Colleges in the U.S., according to BestCollegesOnline.com.

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Figuring Things Out: Freshmen mechanical engineering students Andrew Hunkeler (left) and Garrett Payne work together to assemble their team's final project in this year's first-year design competition.

The ranking set Rose-Hulman in the midst of a formidable list of premier U.S. colleges:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. California Institute of Technology

3. Stanford University

4. Columbia University

5. University of California-Berkeley


7. Georgia Institute of Technology

8. University of Illinois

9. Purdue University

10. Carnegie Mellon University

BestCollegesOnline.com considered those colleges, in its own words, that "offer students of all kinds a completely technologically holistic experience, offering proximity to major techie corporations and internships, a huge range of courses and majors."

Regarding Rose-Hulman, the online educational service noted "this Terre Haute, IN, school is one of the best for undergraduate and master's degree-level techies, particularly those interested in engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering are just a few of the majors offered at the well-ranked school."

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