Scott Hennarty

Meet Scott

A mechanical engineering major from California who likes swimming and playing the guitar

What do you most expect to gain from being part of our scholars program?

I came to Rose hoping to learn as much as possible in order to become as good of a person as I can be. I think that this program can open up a lot of opportunities to learn and grow academically and personally.

How do you spend your free time?

I like to spend my free time swimming, reading, playing games, and learning to play the guitar.

What is the nerdiest thing you do?

The nerdiest thing I do is probably the terrible puns I like to make. You’d think that people would appreciate my humor but no good deed goes un Pun-ished!

How do you hope to change the world with the knowledge you’ll gain at Rose-Hulman?

I believe that I would like to be a rocket scientist. And while that may change as I continue through college, I know that I want to do what I can to take part in scientific advancement.

How did you know Rose was right for you?

I wasn't quite sure Rose was the right college for me until I toured the campus. After seeing everything and meeting the staff I was so blown away I knew that I would love it here.
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