Karmen Kissell

Meet Karmen

A biomedical engineering major who loves mysteries and wants to research artificial organ development.

What do you most expect to gain from being part of our scholars program?

I hope to learn a lot, have new experiences, and connect with other students and businesses in the industry.

How do you spend your free time?

Reading, watching movies, playing card and board games, spending time with friends and family.

What is the nerdiest thing you do?

Binge-watching mystery shows and Big Bang Theory.

How do you hope to change the world with the knowledge you’ll gain at Rose-Hulman?

I hope to go into artificial organ research to help end the organ shortage. I would like to use the knowledge I gained at Rose to help people lead longer, healthier lives.

How did you know Rose was right for you?

I went to Operation Catapult the summer before senior year and I loved the atmosphere and felt that it was the right fit for me.
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