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The HUMANITIES study what it means to be human within a contemporary or historical context. These disciplines analyze the ideas and expressive artifacts of individuals or groups emphasizing qualitative rather than quantitative methods. The Humanities provide us with the broad frameworks within which enduring questions of existence, relationships, values, and aesthetics can be examined from multiple perspectives. The SOCIAL SCIENCES study human interactions and the social institutions in which these occur. These disciplines tend to adopt scientific methods, emphasizing quantitative rather than qualitative approaches. The Social Sciences provide us with the broad frameworks within which to analyze the nature of social systems, processes, and outcomes.

HUM H230 - Engineering Design Social Capstone

  • Credit Hours: 2R-OL-2C
  • Term Available: -
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: No
  • Prerequisites: Consent of instructor
  • Corequisites: None

Promotes individualized research and reflection on the human and social contexts of Engineering Design work. Students will provide evidence through portfolios of how they have met key learning outcomes and reflect on those outcomes. Offers practice in special occasion speaking using the epideictic mode, as students present about their immersive experiences to the campus. Through academic research and writing, widens understanding of humanistic dimensions of a social issue connected to the immersive experiences and/or future career plans. For ENGD students, this course follows their immersive experience.

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