Pre-Professional Programs

Many graduates of Rose-Hulman choose to pursue professional or graduate studies after completion of their undergraduate studies. Engineering and science curricula provide excellent backgrounds for careers in business, law, and medicine. A student planning to enter a professional or graduate school should seek information as to the requirements for entrance into the institution of their choice and should arrange their undergraduate program accordingly. Advisors are available on the campus to advise and assist students interested in pursuing such studies after graduation.

Any of the prescribed curricula at Rose-Hulman are satisfactory for entrance into a professional school of business administration. Students interested in this area will find courses in economics, statistics, operations research, and computer sciences particularly helpful.

Law schools accept superior students from a wide variety of undergraduate backgrounds. The analytical training and problem-solving techniques inherent in engineering and science programs are particularly helpful to students interested in pursuing law careers. Law schools require that the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) be taken prior to consideration for admission. Contact the Pre-Law Adviser for more information.

Because of the increased importance of engineering and instrumentation technology in modern medicine, medical schools are very interested in attracting superior students with engineering and science backgrounds. The various curricula at Rose-Hulman, when supplemented with elective courses available, enable the student to meet all course requirements for admission to medical school.

Each medical school has its own specific minimum academic requirements but the generally include basic courses in general chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and biology. Programs in chemistry and chemical engineering provide especially helpful backgrounds for this purpose, but many Rose-Hulman graduates from a variety of disciplines such as mathematics, physics, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, have completed medical school and are successful practicing physicians.

Application to a medical school should be made between May and October of the year previous to that in which the applicant expects to enter. The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is required for consideration for admission. Interested students should contact the Health Professions Adviser for additional information.

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