ES 205 - Analysis & Design of Engineering Systems

Conservation and accounting principles are used to model engineering systems comprising mechanical, electrical, fluid, and thermal elements. Dynamic behavior and performance criteria are characterized in the time and frequency domains. Topics include block diagrams, deriving and solving differential equations of motion, experimental parameter identification and model validation, teaming, and reporting engineering results.

Prerequisites Notes:

ES205 Prerequisite Clarification:

[ES 203 Electrical Systems* or ECE 203 DC Circuits* or (both ES 213 Electrical Systems* and ES 213L Electrical Systems Lab*) or ENGD 120 Engineering Design Studio III: Integrating Electrical, Software, and Societal Systems*],

and (either ES 204 Mechanical Systems 2 or ES 214 Mechanical Systems),

and MA 211 Differential Equations.

*with a grade of C or better

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