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Physics & Optical Engineering Facilities & Resources

Our state-of-the-art physics laboratories have modern equipment to help reinforce your understanding of physics concepts through hands-on experiments.

Educational & Research Laboratories & Equipment

Material Processing Lab

This lab allows students and faculty to apply modern diagnostic techniques for failure analysis to industrial projects using equipment including:

  • Scanning Electron Microscope with attached X-ray analysis system used for failure analysis studies
  • Phoenix X-ray machine used in failure analysis for the study of circuit boards and various other samples
  • Fluorescence microscope used in characterizing features in biological specimens

Optical Communication Lab

Equipment in the Optical Communications Lab allows students and faculty to study the quantum optics

Non Linear Lab

This lab is where undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge optical materials/devices.

Research Laboratories

These laboratories allow students to apply their classroom lessons to hands-on research alongside faculty mentors. Our five labs includePhotonics Lab, Microwave Photonics Lab, Fiber Research Lab, Semiconductor Magneto-Optics Lab, and the Acoustics Lab.

View some of our laboratories below.

Majors & Minors

We offer undergraduate majors, minors, and certificates inphysics, engineering physics, and optical engineering, as well as a graduate program in optical engineering.

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The physics curriculum is designed to develop a strong foundation in classical and modern physics, which will serve as a basis for future specialization, for additional study at the graduate level, and for design and development work in industrial laboratories.

Female student works with device in physics lab.

Engineering Physics

Engineering physics at Rose-Hulman provides students with a unique opportunity to learn the foundation concepts of physics and make a concentrated study in micro- and nano-technology.

Male student wearing goggles adjusts optics device.

Optical Engineering

We are one of the few colleges in the country to offer an optical engineering program, and were the first college to have an accredited program (ABET) in optical engineering. Our program provides a firm foundation for those interested in continuing their studies in optics at the graduate level, as well as for those going into industry. 

Female student solves physics equations in notebook.

Minors & Certificates

You can tailor your educational experience by adding a minor or certificate in specific areas of interest.

Dr. Duree poses with his book Optics for Dummies.

Dr. Galen Duree

Dr. Duree, head of the Department of Physics and Optical Engineering, joined the faculty of Rose-Hulman in 1999. His areas of expertise include photorefractive phenomena, nonlinear optics, laser physics, ultra-short pulse laser phenomena. He authored the book Optics for Dummies an "approachable introduction to optical science, methods, and applications."

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