Past Participants

2021 REU (Hybrid)

 Group of 2021 REU participants

Top (left to right): Dr. Joshua Holden, Max Watson, Dhruv Bhatia, Breille Duncan, Dr. Wayne Tarrant, Janiece Jackson; Bottom (left to right): Dr. Kenji Kozai, Elijah Leake, Kathryn Enriquez, Kara Fagerstrom, Emma Harrell, Eric Burkholder.


2020 REU (Virtual)

 2020 Zoom group of REU participants

Top (left to right): Abigail Lindner, Spencer Eddins, Yasmin Aguillon; Middle (left to right): Tiger Cheng, Pedro Morales, Janet Stefanov; Bottom (left to right): Azaria Wagner, Zerrin Vural, Lisa Reed

Past Participants

Name Institution Expected Graduation REU Year REU Advisor
Aguillon, Yasmin Swarthmore College 2022 2020 Kozai
Bhatia, Dhruv Brown University 2022 2021 Holden
Burkholder, Eric Valparaiso University 2022 2021 Kozai
Cheng, Xingyu "Tiger" Purdue University 2021 2020 Kozai
Duncan, Breille Cedar Crest College 2022 2021 Tarrant
Eddins, Spencer University of Kentucky 2022 2020 Kozai
Enriquez, Kathryn University of Virginia 2023 2021 Tarrant
Fagerstrom, Kara Bryn Mawr College 2022 2021 Holden
Harrell, Emma Mount Holyoke College 2023 2021 Kozai
Jackson, Janiece Clemson University 2023 2021 Tarrant
Leake, Elijah Prairie State College / DePaul University 2022 2021 Kozai
Lindner, Abigail Regent University 2021 2020 Tarrant
Morales, Pedro University of Maryland / Montgomery College 2021 2020 Kozai
Reed, Lisa Union University 2022 2020 Tarrant
Stefanov, Janet Vanderbilt University 2022 2020 Tarrant
Vural, Zerrin University of Texas 2021 2020 Tarrant
Watson, Max College of the Holy Cross 2022 2021 Holden

Past Project Reports

Please note that all project reports are completed within the eight-week duration of the REU. Because of the compressed time frame and students completing their reports while simultaneously trying to wrap up their research for the summer, the reports may contain work still in progress and may not be as polished as a published journal article. Many of the reports will turn into one or more papers submitted for publication after additional significant revisions. If you find any errors or have constructive feedback for the authors, please feel free to contact them or the research advisor. Such feedback will be appreciated as the students work towards the publication of their work.


Title Authors Year
Spatial Graph Embeddings Yasmin Aguillon, Xingyu Cheng, Spencer Eddins, Pedro Morales 2020
Probability Distributions for Elliptic Curves in the CGL Hash Function Dhruv Bhatia, Kara Fagerstrom, Max Watson 2021
Studying Linking Number in Book Embeddings Eric Burkholder, Emma Harrell, Elijah Leake 2021
A Look at the Effects of Early Adpotion of M-Shwari on Healthcare Expenditure In Kenya Breille Duncan 2021
M-Shwari Comparisons: An Investigation of Income Kathryn Enriquez, Janiece Jackson 2021
Agricultural Productivity, Economic Growth & Human Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Least Squares Dummy Variables (LSDV) Approach Abigail Lindner, Azaria Wagner 2020
The Adoption of M-Pesa: A Percolation Approach to Network Goods Lisa Reed, Janet Stefanov, Zerrin Vural 2020
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