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Facilities & Computing

Graves projector

Laptops and Workstations: All students workstation class laptop computers come with a substantial software suite, including:

  • productivity software:  word processor, spreadsheet, browser, email and networking software;
  • academic computational and mathematical software:  Maple, Matlab, Minitab, Magma, Java, and C if needed; and a number of other scientific and engineering software packages.
  • In addition to these packages, faculty have access to Scientific Workplace (TeX), and many have Linux workstations with the above software packages

The campus is extensively networked; over 30 classrooms with seating for about 30 students and their laptops. Any clsss room can be instantly turned in to a computer lab in which students can work in small groups. All residence halls are networked. In addition to the department's standard laser printers and high volume photocopier, there are high volume laser printers distributed throughout the institute including residence halls.

Other Facilities

The Center for Technological Research with Industry at the John T. Meyers Building houses specialized facilities of interest to math folk:  a 3D printer (rapid prototyping plastic modeler) and a 3 ft. wide colour printer.

Eigenspace -- Our casual study space offers a coffee-shop atmosphere (BYOC), with tables, small reference library, and whiteboard, where spontaneous eruptions of mathematical discussion have been known to break out.

Our building is the one closest to the Logan Library, with its electronic resources complemented by a complete coffee shop.

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The small size of the school affords proximity to other departments, and we leverage this to provide collaborative opportunities and to share facilities with multiple departments. For example, we share the Imaging Systems Lab with the Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics and Applied Optics departments. Also Mathematics and Computer Science departments share a small computer center to support our joint programs. Mathwebsitehome2

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