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Chemical Engineering - Student Opportunities

The Chemical Engineering department offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate research projects. Your professors will act as mentors in the lab as you apply classroom lessons to hands-on work. Many of our students also gain experience through internships in industry during their Rose‑Hulman careers.

Facilities & Resources

At Rose-Hulman, you’ll have the opportunity to put your knowledge to the test in our Unit Operations Laboratory and High Bay Lab, where you’ll work closely with faculty mentors.
Two male students working in High Bay Lab.

High Bay Lab

Our High Bay Lab houses 20 unit operation projects where you’ll learn about chemical engineering processes.
Male student working in Unit Operations Lab.

Unit Operations Lab

More than 20 different experimental modules are available for unit operations lab projects here, including distillation, gas absorption, liquid extraction, drying, filtration, microfiltration, and membrane separations.

Research Opportunities

Our faculty researchers combine years of industry experience with Undergraduate research opportunities Meet some of our faculty and learn more about their areas of expertise and current projects below.

Dr. Henthorn pour a substance from a beaker to a metal container.

Kimberly H. Henthorn, Gas-liquid microfluidic flows

Dr. Henthorn’s research involves the characterization of transitional bubble and liquid profiles during bubble breakup periods, and may also include investigation into the effect of fluid rheology on pressure drop profiles in these systems. 

Dr. Nolte speaking to students.

Dr. Adam Nolte, Polyelectrolyte multilayer films

Dr. Nolte’s research focuses on the processing of ultrathin polymer coatings by alternating adsorption of positively and negatively charged polymers (polyelectrolytes) and how various methods used to adsorb the polyelectrolytes affect the ability of the resulting PEM to swell in humid air.

Dr. McClellan works with female student in classroom.

Scott J. McClellan, Biodegradable drug delivery vehicles

Dr. McClellan’s oversees student researchers seeking to create and characterize drug-loaded nanoparticles. Their work includes particle size analysis, quantification of drug loading, and complete release studies.

Department News

Read about the latest news and events in the Department of Chemical Engineering.
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Image shows a smiling Madison Wendelin standing outside next to a sign reading AstraZeneca.

‘Rising Star’ Shines Through First Internship Experience

chemical engineering
Image shows all six students in a virtual meeting online.

Students Develop Creative Tech Challenge Solutions

chemical engineering
Images of Pascal Schlee and Connor Ray on Rose-Hulman's campus.

Recent Graduates Helping Inventors Realize Patent Dreams


"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

- Steve Jobs

Co-founder, Apple Computer

Dr. Nolte speaks to students.

Dr. Adam Nolte

Since joining Rose-Hulman in 2009, Dr. Adam Nolte has been a proponent of interdisciplinary collaboration. As head of Chemical Engineering, he brings a combination of industrial, academic, and government laboratory experience to bear on his teaching and research in order to provide opportunities for students to learn and grow professionally.

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