Platform for Progress


Tier 1 Goals

There has been significant progress and momentum on campus since the development of Rose-Hulman’s last strategic plan in 2013, due in large part to the efforts of the entire campus community and leadership from the Board of Trustees. 

This—combined with the successful completion of the Mission Driven comprehensive funding campaign—led us to the natural next step of this growth, which emerged in spring 2021 when Rose-Hulman announced a new two-tier strategic planning process. 

The first tier is a shorter-term three-year plan, championed primarily by the President’s Cabinet, and focused on creating a firm foundation for the launch of a more comprehensive and longer-term Tier 2 plan to coincide with the Institute’s sesquicentennial in 2024. The Tier 2 plan will have a much broader scope, scale, and stakeholder participation.

The Tier 1 plan will focus on six near-term goals:


  1. Leverage International Enrollment
  2. Align Student Enrollment and Capacity
  3. Respond to Shifts in Methods Used to Identify and Engage Prospective Students
  4. Enhance Student Retention
  5. Enhance Operational Revenues in a Tuition Dependent Model
  6. Strengthen a Culture of Trust and Transparency


View the Tier 1 Plan here


Rose-Hulman Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is to provide our students with the world's best undergraduate science, engineering, and mathematics education in an environment of individual attention and support.


Rose-Hulman graduates will be inspired and prepared for lives of purpose and success, defining and solving the problems of a complex global society.

Rose-Hulman will be a lifelong partner with our graduates and a recognized global leader in science, engineering, and mathematics education.


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