Homework Hotline Announces Partnership with Three Penn State Branch Campuses

Wednesday, October 14, 2015
Homework Hotline students answering questions from callers.

Free Math/Science Tutoring: Rose-Hulman students are standing by five nights a week at the Homework Hotline (1-877-275-7673) to provide free math and science tutoring service for youths in grades 6-12. Online chat and email services are also available.

Indiana has another export product that's growing in popularity from coast to coast-Rose-Hulman's groundbreaking Homework Hotline mathematics and science tutoring service.

Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline has announced its third educational partnership, with the following branch campuses of Penn State University planning to replicate aspects of the free tutoring service for middle- and high-school students in their regions:

  • Penn State Berks
  • Penn State New Kensington
  • Penn State Schuylkhill

The Homework Hotline makes students available for tutoring sessions by telephone, online chat sessions, or email on evenings throughout each school year. Hours of operation and subjects being covered are set by each college partner. Also, outside of normal operating hours, youths can use online resources to brush up on math and science concepts by using tutorial videos and worksheets.

"We're encouraged to see Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline become a national model for helping school students in other areas across the United States. This is another shining example of how Rose-Hulman, our enterprising students, and our faculty and staff members are helping improve math and science education," says Susan Smith Roads, director of Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline and Learning Center. "Rose-Hulman is looking forward to collaborating with officials on the three Penn State branch campuses to help youth get the critical problem-solving skills to become tomorrow's leaders in so many career fields."

Homework -Hotline -logo

Representatives from the three Penn State campuses visited Rose-Hulman in Terre Haute, Indiana, late this summer to learn the basics about the Homework Hotline operations from Smith Roads and her staff, visit some of the 140 Rose-Hulman students who serve as hotline tutors annually, and observe first-hand the center's contact center.

"Penn State wants to support the work of high schools and middle schools in helping students to graduate with proficiencies in math. We recognize that without at least proficiency with math, doors of opportunity within our economy will close. As Penn State commonwealth campuses, we are uniquely perched across the state to offer students a service that will help to hold doors open to education and careers that require skill in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)," states Colleen Smith, outreach coordinator for Penn State New Kensington.

Penn State New Kensington and Penn State Berks plan to start a similar Homework Hotline service next spring. Penn State Schuylkhill may follow in next fall.

Smith points out that access to tutoring helps give all youth a pathway to develop critical math and science skills, allowing them to succeed in today's work environment, which places a premium on STEM abilities. The Penn State Homework Hotline operations on the three campuses will start with offering math tutoring services, before later adding science.

Rose-Hulman's Homework Hotline has helped more than 500,000 Indiana students since 1991 through tutoring via toll-free phone calls, e-mails, and online resources. The service, supported by the Indiana-based Lilly Endowment Inc., conducted 33,500 tutoring sessions during the 2014-15 school year. More than 30 students are available between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. each Sunday through Thursday, from September through May.

The Homework Hotline has also been adapted for use by Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. Smith Roads has also made presentations about Rose-Hulman's successful program at educational conferences throughout the nation.

"We hope this partnership with Penn State will continue to pave the way for other Homework Hotline programs throughout America," Smith Roads says. "The Homework Hotline uses Rose-Hulman students, who are gifted in math and science, and trains them to help secondary students to improve their problem-solving abilities and become more confident in their math skills. Other colleges could do this as well."