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Getting Inspiration For Your Resume

To help you best tell your story, we've gathered examples of resumes from past Rose-Hulman students. Use them as inspiration for content and format, but then be sure you personalize your resume to accurately reflect yourself and the job you're seeking. We've organized them in two categories: by class year and by major. Note that names and personal information have been changed. Still have questions? Come see us in the Career Services Office.

Sample resumes by class year

A senior will be seeking full-time employment and will have more experience to detail, including the senior project and work experience. Underclassmen, on the other hand, will likely be applying for internships or summer employment. For these reasons, your resume should change each academic year.

Freshman sample
Accomplishments are included in both the "experience" and the "activities" sections of the resume. Note the use of the "accomplishment statement" and "three-bullet" approaches in describing experience.

Sophomore sample
This sample lists coursework and computer skills in the "other qualifications" section. Two addresses are provided to ensure an employer will be able to reach him whether he's at school or at home. "Honors" and "activities" are combined into one section and the "references upon request" line is omitted to save space.

Junior sample
This one uses boldface, italics and all caps selectively to highlight information and make the resume easier to read. She has little degree-related experience, so she has used a class project as experience. Since the "phone operator" job title is self-explanatory, no detail is required.

Senior sample #1
This resume uses the three-bullet approach on the CyboRobots and General Mills experiences. He also uses his senior project as experience.

Senior sample #2
This resume includes a summary to present the applicant's extensive skills and experience, especially in the robotics field, that may not be captured in his work experience.

Sample resumes by major

The type of job or graduate school you apply for will vary by major, and employers might be interested in difference aspects of your education. The following samples will give you some ideas for your resume.

Applied Biology
Sample 1 Seeking a position in plant biology research or related field.
Sample 2 Seeking a position as a quality engineer or specialist.   
Sample 3 Seeking a position in pharmaceutics or regulatory affairs.

Biomedical Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a position related to biomedical engineering field.
Sample 2 Seeking a summer internship.

Chemical Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a position in the field of chemical engineering.
Sample 2 Seeking a summer internship.

Sample 1 Seeking a position in pharmaceutics or regulatory affairs.

Civil Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a position in land development, environmental work and management.

Computer Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a summer position in hardware design or computer programming.

Computer Science
Sample 1 Seeking a design engineering position.
Sample 2 Seeking a computer science position with emphasis on hardware and software.

Electrical Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a summer internship at an equipment manufacturer in the semiconductor industry.

Engineering Physics
Sample 1 Seeking full-time position or internship.

Sample 1 Seeking a position involving applied math.

Mechanical Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking an internship.
Sample 2 Seeking a summer internship.

Optical Engineering
Sample 1 Seeking a position with emphasis on new and innovative technology.

Sample 1 Seeking a position in nuclear physics research, defense contracting or astrophysics.
Sample 2 Seeking full-time or internship position.

A pair of smiling male students at Rose-Hulman look at a series of network cables in the Ventures location

Rose-Hulman Ventures

Interns at Rose-Hulman Ventures learn to apply engineering skills to real-world design problems as the complete client projects. This unique multidisciplinary opportunity is available to Rose-Hulman students.

Male student reviews materials outlining graduate studies at Rose-Hulman.

Beyond a Bachelor’s Degree

If your plans call for graduate school right away, whether it's a master's degree or Ph.D., we can help you find the resources to navigate the testing, application and selection process.