Fast Track Calculus

Fast Track Calculus is an intensive five-week course that could be right for you if you've had one year of calculus in high school. In these five weeks, you'll cover differential and integral calculus, all of multivariable calculus, and become familiar with the computer implementation of mathematics. Successful completion of Fast Track Calculus means you'll have credit for all freshman calculus. It also means you'll be able to enroll in sophomore-level math courses as a freshman. With the credit hours you gain, you can also get a head start on a minor, double major, or graduate school.

Session dates: Sunday, July 19, 2020 - Friday, August 21, 2020. 

While we are planning for Fast Track Calculus to continue for summer 2020, we continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 crisis and will communicate to registrants any need to postpone or cancel this program.

Learn more about Fast Track Calculus below:

Am I eligible?

Tell me about the application process

What will I do?

How much does it cost?

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Am I eligible?

Fast Track Calculus is only open to incoming freshmen who meet the following requirements:

  • Completion of one year of high school calculus,
  • SAT 700 Math or ACT 31 Math, and
  • Approval by the Fast Track Selection Committee.

Selection is highly competitive. In addition to your academic record and SAT scores, a letter of recommendation from your high school calculus teacher will be weighed heavily. Act early and give your teacher enough time to write your letter before the application deadline. 

Application Process:

Normally, all qualified students who have been admitted to Rose-Hulman and meet the minimum qualifications to apply to Fast Track Calculus, will be invited to apply by email in March. However, if you do not receive an email invitation by March 15, please email or call the program staff for information on how to start the application process.

To apply, you will need your Banner Web ID and PIN, which are available in your admissions portal.

The application deadline is Friday, April 24, 2020.

Our contact information:

Michelle Prather - Department Administrative Assistant - 

What You Will Do

Classes meet five days a week for the full five weeks. The daily schedule includes

  • three 60-70 minute lectures/discussions
  • three in-class work sessions
  • an hour-long problem session
  • time for meals, homework, tests, and a variety of recreations.

Useful Preparation

Since you’ll be required to make class and project presentations throughout your college career, learning to communicate mathematically is an important skill. In Fast Track, you’ll start improving your communication skills by presenting problems in a group setting during the daily problem session.

Where You Will Stay

During your stay, you’ll live on campus in Percopo Hall, one of our newest residence halls. (Living on campus is required.) A major benefit of the program is all the fun you’ll have meeting new friends and other outstanding students.

Classes take place in classrooms dedicated exclusively to Fast Track for the entire five weeks. Each room has the network connections you’ll need to use your computer during class.


  • Laptops: All incoming Rose-Hulman freshmen receive laptops. You’ll get yours on the first day of Fast Track. You’ll also get instructions on the computer’s use, care, and an introduction to the computer’s software.
  • Maple Software: During FTC, the Maple software package is used as an integral part of the course. This symbolic algebra system allows you to obtain exact solutions to problems in differentiation and integration, to solve algebraic and differential equations, to graph families of functions, to expand functions in series, etc. -- all in the traditional form, but without the tedious calculations.

And More Advantages

Fast Track offers many advantages. First, you’ll meet other new and outstanding students. You’ll also get a chance to experience college life a little early, easing your transition in the fall. And, because it frees up credit hours, Fast Track also gives you more options for your future by making it easier for you to double major or minor in subjects apart from your primary major.


Your fee of $5,250 includes a standard Rose-Hulman 18-meal program (18 meals per week). The only additional cost will be incidental expenses. Please note there is no additional financial assistance available for Fast Track Calculus and, remember, living on campus for the full five weeks is required.

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