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Commission on the Assessment of Student Outcomes

The Commission on the Assessment of Student Outcomes (CASO) is responsible for maintaining the Institute-level outcomes and their associated assessment process, the RosEvaluation System.

Keeping Us On Track

Each summer, student artifacts from undergraduate courses are assessed by a team of faculty from various disciplines. A complete report on each academic department's performance in the six Institute Student Learning Outcomes is available for department heads or by request from the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment (IRPA). The results are used by each department to improve curriculum and document achievement of student learning for accreditation purposes.


2017-18 Commission Members 

Daniel Anastasio - CHE

Maria del Mar Aponte - OGP

J. Peter Coppinger - BBE 

Tina Hudson - ECE

Alan Jern - HSS

Simon Jones - ME

Thomas Langley - MA 

Eric Liobis - SA 

Daniel Morris - CHEM 

Michael Robinson - CEE

Chandan Rupakheti - CSSE 

Tony Ribera, IRPA - Chair

Student Commission Members 

Victoria Randel

Marc Schmitt

A brief history of the RHIT Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Process 

The Institute Student Learning outcomes are organized into three domains: Professional Skills, World Citizenship and Technical Knowledge. Technical Knowledge is the core of the Rose-Hulman education. Outcomes in this domain are determined by each academic department for discipline-appropriate knowledge, problem definition and solving skills, and analysis and synthesis skills. Outcomes in the other two domains include Communication, Teamwork, Ethics, Cultural and Global Awareness, Leadership and Service. 

Institute Student Learning Outcomes, Performance Criteria, and Rubrics
Communication Rubric -- since AY 2013-2014
Teamwork Rubric -- since AY 2014-2015

Campus-level Learning Outcomes

Since 1998, Rose-Hulman has had a set of campus-level student learning outcomes statements that describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes expected of each graduate. Current campus-level student learning outcomes that emerged from the original process in 1998 and revisions since then can be found here.

Focused on Entrepreneurship During the 2015-2016 academic year, the Commission on the Assessment of Student Outcomes (CASO) developed KEEN student learning outcomes statements specific to entrepreneurial mindset and skillset. The performance criteria associated with the outcomes align with KEEN frameworks, emphasizing curiosity, connections, and creating value. 

Rose-Hulman's RosE-Portfolio work received the 2007 Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) Award and is cited on the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment's Award-Winning Campuses website among other colleges and universities that are chosen by institutions and commissions for displaying excellent programs in learning outcomes and assessment.