Frequently Asked Questions for the Class of 2024

Updated: May 28, 2020
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Plans for Fall Quarter, 2020

  • What are Rose-Hulman’s plans for the Fall Quarter?
    • Current plans are for Rose-Hulman’s campus to be open in the fall. Rose-Hulman is taking steps toward resuming campus operations in the most cautious and careful ways possible, keeping in mind institutional goals to:
      • Optimize student, faculty and staff health and safety
      • Optimize student learning
  • Will classes be in-person?
    • Our current plan is to offer classes and labs in a variety of modes including in-person, hybrid between in-person and online, and online. Students and faculty will be required to follow health and safety measures to protect the campus community.
  • Will Rose-Hulman rescind an offer of admission if a student’s high school moved from letter grades to pass/fail option?
    • Rose will expect students to continue academic progress within the grading structure employed by the high school. Unless a student fails to complete admission requirements, Rose-Hulman will not rescind an offer.
  • Can a student defer his/her enrollment?
    • Students can defer enrollment for up to a year without being required to re-apply for admission. Students’ merit scholarships will be honored for up to a year.


Health and Safety Measures

  • What steps are being taken to ensure a healthy and safe college campus including classrooms and labs?
    • Rose-Hulman will be taking the following health and safety measures to protect all members of the campus community, including:
      • A requirement that all students, faculty, and staff wear face coverings on campus (indoors and outdoors) when they are in common areas or shared spaces
      • The continued enforcement of CDC safe social distancing guidelines
      • Pre-screening for returning students and employees, and adherence to Vigo County Health Department and CDC guidelines
      • Daily health and temperature monitoring
      • On-campus testing for students, faculty, and staff for those showing signs of COVID-19 and a random testing plan to proactively monitor campus health
  • If a student contracts COVID-19 how will Rose-Hulman respond?
    • Health Services will provide testing and results. Students with a positive COVID-19 test result will follow direction from a Student Affairs representative in conjunction with an appropriate health care provider and Vigo County Health Department guidelines. Students who can return home will be asked to do so and isolate away from campus. Others will be isolated in separate housing provided by Rose-Hulman. Students who have tested positive must receive a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the campus community. During time away from campus, quarantined students will continue to receive appropriate academic and personal support to continue academic progress.
  • How will contact tracing work if a student or employee contracts COVID-19?
    • Students or employees with a positive COVID-19 test will be interviewed about persons they encountered for three days prior to the positive test or signs of COVID-19. Rose-Hulman will employ the Vigo County Health Department to conduct interviews. Students who may have encountered an infected student or employee will:
      • Self-isolate if recommended by public health officials or a Student Affairs representative
      • Follow campus health and safety measures
      • Complete COVID-19 testing if requested
  • If a student is returning from international travel to Rose-Hulman, do they need to self-isolate?
    • Any student arriving from an international location is required to self-isolate for a minimum of 14 days prior to returning to campus.
  • What are the expectations of students who are required to self-isolate?
    • If it is within driving distance and they are able to do so safely, we recommend students return home.
    • Do not go to class, work, lab, or participate in any campus activities.
    • Work or study from home/provided self-isolation location.
    • Avoid non-essential travel on or off campus.
    • Do not share cups, utensils, or other similar items
    • Avoid personal contact (shaking hands, hugging, kissing, etc.) and close contact (keep more than 6 feet between you and other people).
  • If a student is ill or under the immediate care of a physician at the beginning of the Fall Quarter, 2020, will online coursework be offered?
    • In such a situation, the student should immediately reach out to the Office of Student Affairs for specific guidance.
  • Will Rose-Hulman faculty still have an open-door practice?
    • Faculty teach at Rose-Hulman due to their love for undergraduate interaction. To accommodate interaction between faculty and students there will be adjustments made in offices and other physical spaces. The commitment to student and faculty engagement will not change; however like many things on campus, the interactions may look slightly different.


Financial Matters

  • If Rose-Hulman moves to holding classes exclusively online, how will that impact the cost of attendance?
    • For any period that residential students are not living on campus due to a need to de-populate residence halls, room and board will be refunded per current institute refund policy. Tuition and fees will not be adjusted for short periods of online delivery.
  • Can students request a review of Rose-Hulman’s financial aid offers due to the financial impact of COVID-19?


International Students’ Travel to Rose-Hulman

  • If students cannot make it to campus due to visa delay before the start of the Fall Quarter, 2020 what will happen?
    • If students are unable to be on-campus at the start of the quarter due to visa delay, online curriculum will be offered that will forward students’ academic progress. Assuming travel is possible before the end of the Fall Quarter, 2020, Rose will integrate arriving students into the campus community and continue the delivery of their respective coursework.
  • If students enroll in online classes prior to the beginning of the Fall Quarter, 2020 due to visa delays will that impact the cost of tuition and fees?
    • Rose-Hulman will not adjust the price of tuition and fees but will honor students’ full merit scholarships.
  • Will international students need to self-isolate for fourteen days before coming to Rose-Hulman’s campus? Will Rose-Hulman offer housing during this fourteen-day period?
    • Upon arriving into the United States, international students are required to self-isolate for fourteen days. Rose-Hulman is working with collegiate partners and community resources to provide space for international students to self-isolate. During this time, Rose-Hulman will ensure the delivery of academic coursework as well as appropriate personal needs.


Student Experience

  • Will you still hold new student orientation?
    • Students and families will still attend new student orientation. Some of the programming will be delivered online before arriving on-campus. Health and safety measures will also be followed during on-campus orientation which will require Rose to offer presentations at multiple times and in smaller groups. Students and families will receive more information about new student orientation throughout the summer.
  • Will I have a roommate? Can I request a single room?
    • Rose-Hulman is accepting new students’ housing requests and plans to place students into traditional double rooms. Students may request single rooms, and we will attempt to accommodate such requests.
  • What type of cleaning will occur in the residence halls?
    • Deep cleaning will occur in residence hall lobbies and hallways. Common bathrooms will be cleaned and disinfected on a regular schedule. Disinfectant and hand sanitizer will be available in halls. Trash will be collected from rooms and bedding will be dropped-off for students who do not “opt-out” of linen service.
  • What health and safety precautions will be taken in the dining hall? Where will students eat?
    • Rose-Hulman has a wonderful relationship with its valued food service provider Bon Appetit. As a provider, Bon Appetit has been diligent in providing students with nutritious and tasty food. For the Fall Quarter, 2020 – Bon Appetit will:
      • have all food served by dining hall staff who are following strict health and safety measures including the wearing of face and hand coverings
      • eliminate self-service options
      • sanitize service areas every 30 minutes
      • provide students the opportunity to eat in dining hall spaces that provide for social distancing and offer to-go options
  • Once classes begin in Fall Quarter, 2020 can students leave campus?
    • There are currently no planned restrictions on students’ travel. However, students will be strongly encouraged to follow CDC, state of Indiana, and Rose-Hulman health and safety measures. Additionally, Rose-Hulman will implement a random testing plan to proactively monitor all campus occupants.


Extracurricular Activities

  • Will fall sports teams compete?
    • Rose-Hulman is closely monitoring guidance from both the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference (HCAC) to determine the status of fall sports. Both the NCAA and HCAC are currently meeting regularly to discuss options that serve the best interest of student-athletes. It is anticipated that initial guidance from the HCAC on fall sports will be provided by mid-June. Rose-Hulman coaches will be in contact with student-athletes concerning plans for fall athletics.
  • Will students be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities during the Fall Quarter, 2020?
    • Students will be encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities that are able to adhere to institutional health and safety measures.
  • Will the Student Recreation Center (SRC) be open?
    • Students will be encouraged to use this facility to remain healthy and strong. However, strict adherence to institutional health and safety measures will be required of all users.


Summer Programming

  • Is Rose-Hulman offering opportunities for first-year students to visit campus during the summer?
    • Rose plans to announce our summer visit options in June and is working toward welcoming daily visitors by July. We will also announce health measures for visitors coming to campus including pre-screening and group size and space limitations.
  • Are RHAMP and Fast Track Calculus still occurring?
    • Rose-Hulman will make that determination by the beginning of June. Currently, the plan is to offer both programs.


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