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Global E3

Rose‑Hulman is proud to be a member of the Global Engineering Education Exchange program, better known as Global E3. This program gives you the chance to study here and elsewhere in the world at one of dozens of Global E3 universities.

Program Overview

Global E3 is a consortium of more than 60 schools of engineering in the U.S. and nearly 20 countries, offering you an opportunity to study outside of your home country.

  • Because of a growing need for internationally experienced engineers, leading universities and colleges around the world created Global E3 in 1995. The program gives engineering students the opportunity to study their chosen subject while learning the valuable lessons only available through study abroad.
  • Global E3makes international study as seamless as possible. You’ll pay tuition to your home institution while studying overseas.
  • You can study in the fall or spring semesters, or for the entire year.
  • Internships and work co-ops are often available at employers located near the host university or college.

Today, multi-lingual, multi-cultural engineers are more important than ever. By participating in Global E3, you’ll gain the language, cultural skills, and professional experience needed to excel in today’s global economy.

Contact the Office of Global Programs for more information or to apply to become a Global E3 engineer!


Those who only know one country know no country.

- Seymour Martin Lipset

Political Scientist

Katherine Hammet

Katherine Hammett

Katherine Hammett, senior director of Global Programs, has been assisting international students in higher education for more than 20 years. Leading Rose-Hulman’s Global Programs since 2014, she is committed our strategic vision of ensuring Rose-Hulman remains aculturally diverse and globally connected institute of higher learning.

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