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Learning a new language, meeting new people, adapting to new cultures, all of these benefits of international study are available at Rose‑Hulman. The Office of Global Programs is here to help you find the international experience that’s right for you.

Our Mission

The Office of Global Programs is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for students like you all over the world.

We partner with global universities and businesses to give our students the opportunity to experience work abroad. Through global partnerships we connect students like you with institutions of higher education, governmental and non-governmental agencies, global businesses and alumni.

Eli Lilly has partnered with Rose-Hulman to send students to China, both in full-time opportunities and internships. ThyssenKrupp, which offers opportunities in Europe, and Marathon offering opportunities in Australia and Russia, have been long-standing partners. The opportunities are practically endless.

By providing students like you with opportunities to experience a variety of world cultures, we’re expanding the intellectual exchange and growth of everyone involved.

Our Staff:

Katherine Hammett
Senior Director of Global Programs
Phone: 812-877-8806
Office: M230-C
Email: hammett@rose-hulman.edu

Margaret Hurdlick
Director of English as a Second Language
Phone: 812-877-8843
Office: L122

Deborah Purdy
Global Programs Coordinator
Phone: 812-877-8499
Office: M230

Robin (RJ) Andrews
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 812-877-8804
Office: M230
Email: andrews1@rose-hulman.edu

Katherine Hammet

Katherine Hammett

Katherine Hammett, senior director of Global Programs, has been assisting international students in higher education for more than 20 years. Leading Rose-Hulman’s Global Programs since 2014, she is committed our strategic vision of ensuring Rose-Hulman remains aculturally diverse and globally connected institute of higher learning.

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Contact Us

If you are seeking a global exchange opportunity, please contact the Office of Global Programs at 812-877-8810 or email us at global@rose-hulman.edu.

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