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Design of Engineering Systems RHIT 
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class subject file
Policies and procedures pdf
MSWord template for HW cover page doc
Bryon's helpful homework hints pdf
Week 1
Installing Matlab 2010a doc

Lumped-equivalents for masses, springs, and dampers pdf
Week 2 Matlab Command Quick Reference Sheet doc
Week 6 Tank Draining Height Control Example Problem Worked Out pdf
Heat Sink Example pdf
Week 9 Simulink Simulation for proportional controller .mdl
m-file to run simulation .m

Summary of Topics Covered doc
Instructor Supplied Equation Sheets for Final Exam docx
Other guidelines for the final:
  • The instructor supplied equation sheet (see link above) will be provided to you at the time of the final exam.
  • You may bring in the crib sheets from the first two exams plus one additional sheet.  The crib sheets may not have any example problems on them. 
  • The final will be CLOSED LAPTOP. 
  • You will have four hours for the final. 

Last modified: March 5, 2007