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Writing guidelines and standards pdf Sample memo format pdf Sample cover sheet for reports (not memos) pdf Rubric for grading reports (Not all professors use this) pdf Guidelines for graphic elements pdf Lab 1 Pre-Lab pdf Lab Worksheet pdf Lab 2 Running Simulink from Matlab (Prelab) pdf Black-box Simulink models. Read me to save and open. mdl Lab instructions and worksheet pdf Lab 3 Identifying system parameters of a spring-mass-damper system pdf Matlab Quick Reference Sheet doc Transient data xls Lab 4     Lab 5     Lab 6 Tank-draining prelab pdf Tank-draining experiment Lab 7 Pre-lab pdf Thermocouple experiment .pdf Thermocouple worksheet .pdf Lab 8 A short presentation on effective oral presentations ppt Guidelines for oral communications and technical presentations       Lab 9 Frequency response lab - handout Pre-lab handout .pdf Pre-lab data .mat Findmag function .m Lab 10 Oral Reports   top
Last modified: March 4, 2005