EMGT 464 - Systems Architecture

  • Credit Hours: 4R-0L-4C
  • Term Available: -
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Corequisites: None

This class will introduce students to the art and science of systems architecting, where systems architecting refers to uncovering the fundamental structure of a system (functional, physical, logical, operational) defined in terms of system’s elements, interfaces, processes, constraints, and behaviors that must operate under specific requirements and constraints. Focus will be placed on investigating the broader meaning of architectures, as they relate to organizations and businesses, in addition to engineered systems and products. Students will be introduced to heuristic and model-based approaches for systems architecting. Through case-studies and example problems in areas of production and manufacturing systems, intelligent transportation systems, social systems, and others, students will be able to apply the principles, processes and tools of systems architecting in order to structure and support the system development process of a balanced, well-integrated and socially and financially acceptable system.

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