Enrollment Verification

Proof of enrollment is often needed by students, or parents of students, for medical insurance, auto insurance, loan deferments, employment or other needs. An official enrollment verification letter is available from the Registrar’s Office and may be requested via e-mail, phone, or walk-in. Enrollment verification letters may be provided to the student immediately upon request in the Registrar’s Office, delivered to their campus mailbox, or to another party as requested by the student, either electronically via e-mail, fax or through regular postal service.

An enrollment verification letter will state the student’s start date, confirm current enrollment (and past if needed), status (full-time or part-time), as well as major, term schedule and anticipated graduation date if needed.

What is Banner?

Banner is an institution-wide "Enterprise Resource Planning" application that houses, organizes, and helps users access Rose-Hulman's academic and administrative data. Used by students, faculty and administration to process everything from applications to grades, Banner underlies much of the institute's operations.

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