Recent Talks, Papers, Workshops, etc.

Galvanic Cells and p-n junctions(paper EL 08, Boise Idaho, Summer 2002)

Acoustic Resonances Using A Spreadsheet  (poster paper DN25, Boise, Idaho, Summer 2002)

Using a Cloth Grating to Determine the Wavelength of Light(Summer 01 AAPT meeting, Rochester N. Y.)

Maple Activities, Resources, Workshops, etc.

Hydrophone Lecture Outline (2000)

Computers in Physics and Applied Optics at Rose-Hulman
poster paper at Kissimmee FL AAPT Meeting, January 2000

'Using a Versatile Low-Cost Lab PC Interface With Laptop Computers'
(paper BE5, presented at the Winter 1999 Anaheim AAPT meeting)

Wind Chimes for Fun at Rose-Hulman (Spring 1999)

'High Frequency Skin Depth in Cylindrical Wires'
(Paper DI26, Summer Meeting AAPT, Lincoln, Neb, August 6, 1998)

Workshop W39 'Introduction to Maple for Solving Physics Problems'
Tuesday Aug 4, 1998, AAPT Summer Meeting, Lincoln, Nebraska

Experience With A 2-Hour 'Lab' in Junior-Level Mechanics' (Talk EE6, AAPT Meeting Jan 7, 1998)

W 24: Using Maple to Solve Physics Problems
(Workshop W24, AAPT Summer Meeting, August 11, 1997, 1-5 PM)

Workshop Report Using Maple Effectively to Teach Undergraduate Physics (June 1997)

AAPT (links to papers from 1999 San Antonio meeting, all about the Apparatus Competition)