W 24 Using Maple To Solve Physics Problems

Summer AAPT Meeting, Denver Colorado   Monday, August 11, 1997 1-5 PM

Rick Ditteon (standing in for Mike Moloney)

Short lessons in applying MAPLE to physics problems

General Hints and Clues About MAPLE

If you want to read text and some graphics from the web and build your own maple worksheet (probably the best way to learn), start here.

Easy1   Easy2   Easy3   Fancy1   Fancy2   Fancy3

If you want to open an existing worksheet in Maple and modify it as you go along, start here.

When you click on one of the worksheets below, it will come up in Netscape looking like gibberish. Nonetheless, Maple will be able to open and execute this file, after you have saved it to a working directory. To do this, you go to File, and SaveAs, and put it in your working directory. When you launch Maple, it will be able to open and execute this file.

Easy1.mws   Easy2.mws   Easy3.mws   Fancy1.mws   Fancy2.mws   Fancy3.mws

Check Out Some Physics Animations (and their source code if you want)