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 How to present a paper
  • How to present a paper (that someone else wrote) will vary wildly, depending on:
    • Who is your audience?
    • What do you hope the presentation will accomplish?
  • In our seminar:
    • The audience is students who have read the paper carefully, although perhaps not as carefully as you have read it.
    • After the presentation, the group should:
      1. Understand the paper.
      2. Have ideas for extending the results of the paper.
    • In your presentation:
      1. Survey the paper briefly.
        Make sure the big picture is crystal clear.
      2. Highlight the most interesting parts of the paper, especially those that were difficult to follow.
      3. Be prepared to answer questions.
        Know the technical details!
        Be prepared to work through examples in the paper, etc.
      4. Lead a discussion of the paperís ideas.
        What research ideas get generated?