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Michael Wollowski

Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Dr. Michael Wollowski is an expert in the Internet of Things (IoT), diagrammatic systems, and artificial intelligence. One of his recent projects with students has sought to develop a recycling robot for the department. Dr. Wollowski also has incorporated real-world problem-solving, like IBM’s ͞The Great Mind Challenge, into his courses. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Wollowski is an accomplished woodworker and a recognized blacksmith.

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Teaching Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Reasoning
  • Internet of Things
  • Diagrammatic systems

Research Experiences

  • Teaching Artificial Intelligence
  • Next generation of the Internet of Things
  • Adding reasoning to NLP
  • Human robot interaction

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Indiana University, 1998
  • MS, Indiana University, 1988
  • Vordiplom, University at Hamburg, Germany, 1986