Dr. Ross Weatherman is leading a team of high-achieving students in researching the role of estrogen in the development and treatment of breast cancer. Their work seeks to improve existing drugs, resulting in better treatments with fewer side effects. Dr. Weatherman has received the Board of Trustees Outstanding Scholar Award and was an American Cancer Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. The value of his research has been recognized with grants totaling $2 million from the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Army. He also has developed strong collaborations with the Indiana University School of Medicine and has authored more than 20 peer-reviewed research publications. Check out his personal web page.

Academic Degrees

  • AB, Wabash College, 1991
  • PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996

Awards & Honors

  • Board of Trustees Outstanding Scholar, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2016

Publications & Presentations

  • Weatherman R. V., "The Role of Selective Estrogen Receptor Destabilizers (SERDs) in Breast Cancer Therapy," Drugs of the Future, 41, 361, 2016
  • Shearer, K. E., Rickert, E. L., Peterson, A. C., and Weatherman, R. V., "Dissecting Rapid Estrogen Signaling with Conjugates," Steroids, 77, 968, 2012
  • Rickert, E. L., Oriana, S., Hartman-Frey, C., Long, X., Webb, T. T., Nephew, K. P., and Weatherman, R. V., "Synthesis and Characterization of Fluorescent 4-Hydroxytamoxifen Conjugates with Unique Antiestrogenic Properties," Bioconjugate Chemistry, 21, 903, 2010
  • Rickert, E. L., Trebley, J. P., Peterson, A. C., Morrell, M. M., and Weatherman, R. V., "Synthesis and Characterization of Bioactive Tamoxifen-Conjugated Polymers," Biomacromolecules, 8, 3608, 2007

Research Experiences

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Breast cancer

Teaching Interests

  • Biochemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • General chemistry
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