Dr. Deborah Walter's areas of expertise include electromagnetics and medical imaging. She has more than eight years of industry experience in product development and research on medical imaging systems and is the inventor or co-inventor of nine issued patents and 21 patent applications. Dr. Walter is leading student independent project and research opportunities studying compressed sensing for geolocation of radio sources. She helped establish the Rose Building Undergraduate Diversity (ROSE-BUD) program, co-advises the Climbing Club and is a ham radio operator (KC9WIE). Check out her personal web page.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Pennsylvania State University, 1999
  • MSEE, Pennsylvania State University, 1994
  • BS, University of Maryland, 1990

Awards & Honors

Publications & Presentations

  • Bryan, K. and Walter, D.J., "Sparse Signal Recovery Algorithm for Non-Cooperative Localization Using Received Signal Strength," (Biomedical Engineering) IEEE Signal Processing, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 2016
  • Connor, K. A., Meehan, K., Ferri, B. H., Walter, D. J. and Astatke, Y. "Collaborative Research: Center for Mobile Hands-On STEM," Proceedings of American Society of Engineering Education Conference, Seattle, 2015
  • Walter, D. J., Bryan, K., Stephens, J. Bullmaster, C. and Chakravarthy, V., “Localization of RF Signals using Compressed Sensing with Multiple Cooperative Sensors,” Proceedings of the IEEE National Aerospace & Electronics Conference, Dayton, Ohio, 2012
  • H. Li, Chakravarthy, V., Wu, Z., Dehnie, S., Ma, Y. and Walter, D.J., “Spectrum Utilization Efficiency of Cognitive Radio Systems with Limited Sampling Capability: The Impact of Spectrum Non-Contiguity, Proceedings of the IEEE Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySPAN) Conference, Bellevue, Wash., 2012

Research Experiences

  • Helping engineering undergraduates develop a systems perspective
  • Improving student learning in signals and systems courses and other mathematical and theoretical courses
  • Developing a specialize computer architecture for numerically evaluating mathematical models of neural systems

Teaching Interests

  • Electromagnetics
  • Signal processing
  • Inverse methods and geolocation of signals
  • Medical Imaging
  • Hands-on engineering pedagogy
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