Maarij Syed

Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

Dr. Maarij Syed specializes in semiconductor materials, magnetic materials, semiconductor optics, and microfabrication. He is currently leading independent research projects with students investigating polymer magnetism and nanoparticle magnetism. He co-leads the Independent Project/Research Opportunities Program and has presented workshops through Rose-Hulman’s Portal Resource for Indiana Science and Mathematics (PRISM) program, which helps elementary- and middle-school teachers integrate STEM concepts into their classes.

Teaching Interests

  • Optics
  • Material science
  • Physics

Research Experiences

  • Magneto-optics
  • Material characterization
  • Nano particle analysis

Publications & Presentations

  • Foulkes, T., Syed, M. and Taplin, T., “Pulsed Field Probe of Real Time Magnetization Dynamics in Magnetic Nanoparticle Systems,” Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 117, 17E128, 2015
  • Foulkes, T., Taplin, T. and M. Syed, “Magneto-Optic Response of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles under Pulsed and AC Fields,” Nanotech Conference, Washington, D.C., 2014
  • Foulkes, T., Taplin, T. and Syed, M., “Magneto-Optic Response of Functionalized vs. Uncoated Fe2O3 (Maghemite),” Materials Research Society Symposium, Boston, 2014
  • Syed, M. and Moore, J., “Magnetic Response of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles as Measured by AC Faraday Rotation,” Materials Research Society Symposium, San Francisco, 2013
  • Syed, M., Wilkerson, J., Barnett, A. and Siahmakoun, A., “Wavelength Dependent Contrast Reversal in Reflectivity of Nickel Alloy Nanofilms,” Materials Research Society Symposium, 2009
  • Siahmakoun, A., Wilkerson, J., Barnett, A. and Syed, M., “Plasmonic Effects in Nichrome Alloy Nano-Films,” European Optics Society Meeting, 2008
  • Syed, M. and Siahmakoun, A., “Magneto-Optic Effects in Doped InP,” Journal of Optical  Materials, Vol. 27, 1,629-1,636, 2005
  • Syed, M., Dobrowolska, M., Yang, G. and Furdyna, J. K., “Role of Magnetic/Non-magnetic Interfaces in Magneto-Optical Properties of Small Offset Superlattices,” Physics Review, Vol. 66,  75213, 2002
  • Syed, M. and Siahmakoun, A., "Faraday Rotation in Photorefractive Inp:Fe,” Trends in Optics and Photonics, The Optical Society, 2001
  • Syed, M., Yang, G. L., Furdyna, J. K., Dobrowolska, M. and Kossut, J., "The 2s Excitonin Intermediate Dimensionality Structures," Superlattices and Microstructures, Vol. 29, 247-250, 2001

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of Notre Dame, Physics, 1998
  • BS, University of Oklahoma, Astrophysics, 1991