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Eric Reyes

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Eric Reyes is a statistician with expertise in variable selection and methods for observational data analysis. His primary research interest is in biostatistics and using statistics in medical research. He has served as a statistical consultant for the Duke Clinical Research Institute and collaborates with the engineers in the Joint Replacement Surgeons of Indiana Research Foundation on campus. A Rose-Hulman alumnus, Dr. Reyes has co-chaired the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Conference and advises the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship student organization. Check out his personal web page.

Teaching Interests

  • Statistics

Research Experiences

  • Variable selection and screening
  • Applications to biological sciences
  • Statistical education

Publications & Presentations

  • Small, S. R., Rogge, R. D., Malinzak, R. A., Reyes, E. M., Cook, K.A. Farley, P. L., and Ritter, M.A., “Micromotion at the Tibial Plateau in Primary and Revision Total Knee Arthroplasty: Fixed Versus Rotating Platform Designs,” Bone and Joint Research, 5(4), 122-129, 2016
  • Reyes, E. M. and Evans, D., “Six Sigmas of Separation: Strategies for Making Inter-Disciplinary Connections,” U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2015
  • Reyes, E. M. and Evans, D., “Engaging Intro Statistics Students with Activities,” U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics, 2015
  • Thomas, L. and Reyes, E. M., “Tutorial of Survival Estimation for Cox Regression Models with Time-Varying Coefficients,” Journal of Statistical Software, 61 (CS 1), 1-23
  • Reyes, E. M. and Thomas, L., “Chapter 15: Analytical Methods for Addressing Confounding,” Understanding Clinical Research, McGraw-Hill Education, 2013

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, North Carolina State University, 2011
  • MStat, North Carolina State University, 2008
  • BSc, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2006