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David J. Rader

Head of the Department of Mathematics and Professor with tenure

Dr. David Rader specializes in operations research, linear and discrete optimization, and sports scheduling. He has authored or co-authored eight journal articles, 27 conference presentations and the textbook, Deterministic Operations Research: Models and Methods in Linear Optimization. Dr. Rader has contributed to the success of the Rose-Hulman Undergraduate Mathematics Journal, the longest-running publication of original undergraduate-only math research in the United States, and was an advocate for the new biomathematics major for the department. Away from the classroom, he has showcased his sharp-shooting skills on the basketball court in intramural competitions and campus pick-up games. Check out his personal web page

Teaching Interests

  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Deterministic operations research
  • Combinatorial optimization

Research Interests

  • Operations
  • Linear and discrete optimization
  • Quadratic 0-1 optimization
  • Exam scheduling
  • Discrete optimization

Publications & Presentations

  • Rader, D., Hardin, J., Beck, C., Furman, K., Hanna, A., Holder, A., and Rego, C., “Recommendations for an Undergraduate Curriculum at the Interface of Operations Research and Computer Science,” INFORMS Trans. Ed., 12, No. 3, 117-123, 2012
  • Deterministic Operations Research: Models and Methods in Linear Optimization, Wiley, 2010
  • Rader, D. and DePaolo, C. A., “A Heuristic Algorithm for a Chance Constrained Stochastic Program,” European Journal of Operational Research, 176, 27-45, 2007
  • Rader, D., Hammer, P. L., Hansen, P., and Pardalos, P., “Maximizing the Product of Two Linear 0-1 Functions,” Optimization, 51, pp. 511-537, 2002
  • Rader, D. and Woeginger, G. J., “The Quadratic 0-1 Knapsack Problem with Series-Parallel Support,” Operations Research Letters, 30, No. 3, 159-166, 2002
  • Rader, D., Boros, E., Hammer, P. L., and Minoux, M., “Optimal Cell Flipping to Minimize Channel Density in VLSI Design and a Class of PseudoBoolean Optimization Problems,”  Discrete Applied Mathematics, 90, 69-88, 1999

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Rutgers University, 1997
  • BS, University of Richmond, 1991