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Kosta Popovic

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

Dr. Kosta Popovic is spending his second year as a visiting faculty member for the department. His expertise is intraoperative multimodal imaging systems for surgical guidance, and his past research projects have had him part of a patent in this area. He has completed several research with undergraduate students on optics systems. Dr. Popovic is a reviewer for the IEEE’s Transactions on Nuclear Science journal. He co-advises the institute’s SCUBA Club and was the team captain for two years on his collegiate varsity rowing team.

Teaching Interests

  • Introductory physics

Research Experiences

  • Design and development of medical imaging devices

Publications & Presentations

  • Popovic, K., McKisson, J., Kross, B., Lee, S., McKisson, J.E., Weisenberger, A.G., Proffitt, J., Stolin, A., Majewski, S. and Williams, M.B., “Development and Characterization of a Round Hand-Held Silicon Photomultiplier Based Gamma Camera for Intraoperative Imaging”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Vol. 61(3), 1,084-1,091, 2014
  • Popovic, K., Rozler, M., Poopalasingam, S., Arseneau, R. and Chang W., “OpenPET for C-SPECT, a Cardiac SPECT/CT Imaging System,” Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference, OpenPET User Meeting, 2014
  • Rozler, M., Poopalasingam, S., Popovic, K., Arseneau, R., Strologas, J., Zheng, X., Metzler, S. and Chang W., “C-SPECT Cardiac SPECT/Tct System: First Results from a Partial Section,” Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference Record, 2014
  • Zhang, Y., Xiao, L., Popovic K.,  Yue, W., Xie, X., Chordia, M.D., Leland W.K., Chung, L., Williams, M.B., Yue, W. and Pan, D., “Novel Cancer-Targeting SPECT/NIRF Dual-Modality Imaging Probe 99mTc-PC-1007: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation,” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Vol. 23, 6,350-6,354, 2013
  • Popovic, K. and Williams, M.B., “Development of An Integrated Multimodal Imaging System (IMIS) for Surgical Guidance,” Medical Physics, Vol. 39(6), 3,949, 2012
  • Judge, J.M., Popovic, K., Williams, M.B. and Slingluff, C.L., “Evaluation of Mobile Gamma Camera Imaging in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Melanoma Independent of Pre-operative Lymphscintigraphy,” Society of Nuclear Medical and Molecular Imaging  Meeting, 2012
  • Pole, D.J., Popovic, K. and Williams, M.B., "Cardiac and Respiratory Gating for a Small Animal SPECT-CT System," Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 2,177-2,180, 2010

Awards & Honors

  • PhD, University of Virginia, Physics, 2013
  • BA, Hamilton College, Physics and Mathematics, 2006