Kosta Popovic

Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

Dr. Kosta Popovic's expertise is intraoperative multimodal imaging systems for surgical guidance, and his past research projects have had him part of a patent in this area. He has completed several research with undergraduate students on optics systems. Dr. Popovic is a reviewer for the IEEE’s Transactions on Nuclear Science journal. He co-advises the institute’s SCUBA Club and was the team captain for two years on his collegiate varsity rowing team.

Teaching Interests

  • Introductory physics

Research Experiences

  • Design and development of medical imaging devices

Publications & Presentations

  • Popovic, K., McKisson, J., Kross, B., Lee, S., McKisson, J.E., Weisenberger, A.G., Proffitt, J., Stolin, A., Majewski, S. and Williams, M.B., “Development and Characterization of a Round Hand-Held Silicon Photomultiplier Based Gamma Camera for Intraoperative Imaging”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Vol. 61(3), 1,084-1,091, 2014
  • Popovic, K., Rozler, M., Poopalasingam, S., Arseneau, R. and Chang W., “OpenPET for C-SPECT, a Cardiac SPECT/CT Imaging System,” Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference, OpenPET User Meeting, 2014
  • Rozler, M., Poopalasingam, S., Popovic, K., Arseneau, R., Strologas, J., Zheng, X., Metzler, S. and Chang W., “C-SPECT Cardiac SPECT/Tct System: First Results from a Partial Section,” Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers’ Nuclear Science Symposium/Medical Imaging Conference Record, 2014
  • Zhang, Y., Xiao, L., Popovic K.,  Yue, W., Xie, X., Chordia, M.D., Leland W.K., Chung, L., Williams, M.B., Yue, W. and Pan, D., “Novel Cancer-Targeting SPECT/NIRF Dual-Modality Imaging Probe 99mTc-PC-1007: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation,” Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Vol. 23, 6,350-6,354, 2013
  • Popovic, K. and Williams, M.B., “Development of An Integrated Multimodal Imaging System (IMIS) for Surgical Guidance,” Medical Physics, Vol. 39(6), 3,949, 2012
  • Judge, J.M., Popovic, K., Williams, M.B. and Slingluff, C.L., “Evaluation of Mobile Gamma Camera Imaging in Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Melanoma Independent of Pre-operative Lymphscintigraphy,” Society of Nuclear Medical and Molecular Imaging  Meeting, 2012
  • Pole, D.J., Popovic, K. and Williams, M.B., "Cardiac and Respiratory Gating for a Small Animal SPECT-CT System," Nuclear Science Symposium Conference Record, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 2,177-2,180, 2010

Awards & Honors

  • PhD, University of Virginia, Physics, 2013
  • BA, Hamilton College, Physics and Mathematics, 2006