Dr. Michelle Marincel Payne specializes in environmental engineering, including biomimetic membranes for desalination, drinking water and wastewater treatment, and environmental remediation. She also has experience in characterizing risk assessment of radioactive material transport. Dr. Marincel Payne also co-taught Rose-Hulman’s first Appropriate Technologies course, in which students designed novel ways to pump water to reach an off-the-grid village. She is currently leading a student research project investigating the ability of constructed treatment wetlands to remove stormwater pollutants.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of Illinois, Environmental Engineering, 2017
  • MS, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Environmental Engineering, 2008
  • BS, University of Missouri-Rolla, Nuclear Engineering, 2006

Awards & Honors

Publications & Presentations

  • Marincel Payne, M., Mech, A., and Padgett, W., “Insights Gained from the First Teaching of a Multidisciplinary Appropriate Technology Course,” American Society of Engineering Education Conference, New Orleans, 2016
  • Marincel Payne, M., Mueller Price, J., and Robinson, M., “Developing a Course-Based Master of Environmental Engineering Degree,” American Society of Engineering Education Conference, Seattle, 2015
  • Kumar, M., Payne, Michelle M., Poust, S. K., and Zilles, J. L., “Biomimetic Polymeric Membranes for Desalination,” Biomimetic Membranes, Springer Publishers, 2010
  • Weiner, R. F., Dennis, M. L., Hinojosa, D., Heames, T. J., Penisten, J. J., Marincel, M. K., Osborn, D. M., RadCat 3.0 User Guide, Sandia National Laboratories, 2009

Research Experiences

  • Constructed treatment wetlands for stormwater treatment
  • Biomimetic membranes for water treatment
  • Impact of undergraduate research experiences
  • Pesticide fate in drinking water treatment
  • Radiological doses and risk assessment for transport of spent nuclear fuel, Sandia National Laboratories

Teaching Interests

  • Environmental engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Drinking water and wastewater treatment
  • Appropriate technology for developing communities
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