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Dominic Ludovici

Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics and Optical Engineering

Dr. Dominic Ludovici has often shared his interest in physics and astrophysics with members of the public through outreach programs while earning his doctorate in physics from the University of Iowa. His thesis topic was From the Sky to the Classroom: Radio Studies of the Galactic Center, Creating Active Learning Laboratory Activities and Developing Spectroscopic Instrumentation for University-Class Telescopes.  

Teaching Interests

Introductory Physics, Astronomy and Astrophysics

Research Interests

Small optical telescope research and instrumentation, Non-thermal sources in the Galactic Center

Publications and Presentations Highlights

Ludovici, D.A.; Mutel, R.; “A Compact Grism Spectrometer for Small Optical Telescopes”; The American Journal of Physics, In Press Ludovici, D.A.; Mutel, R.L. “Spectroscopic Instrumentation in Undergraduate Astronomy Laboratories” AAS Meeting 229, Grapevine TX, 2017 Ludovici, D.A.; Mutel, R.L. “A Low Cost Grism Spectrometer for Small Telescopes” AAS Meeting 228, San Diego CA, 2016 Ludovici, D.A.; Lang, C.C.; Morris, M.R.; Mutel, R.; Mills, E.A.C.; Toomey, J.E., IV; Ott, J.; “The Unusual Galactic Center Radio Source N3”; The Astrophysical Journal 826, 218, 2016 Mills, E.A.C.; Butterfield, N.; Ludovici, D. A.; Lang, C. C.; Ott, J.; Morris, M. R.; Schmitz, S.; “Abundant CH3OH Masers, but no New Evidence for Star Formation in GCM0.253+0.016”; The Astrophysical Journal, 805, 72, 2015

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. The University of Iowa, Physics, 2017

BS West Virginia University, Physics, 2011