Dr. Charles Joenathan is an expert in optical data processing, holography, optical component testing, and fiber optic sensors and technology. His research activities focus on interferometry, speckle techniques, holography, and optical metrology. He is member of Faculty Without Borders and is involved in researching alternate light sources in developing countries. Dr. Joenathan currently leading Rose-Hulman’s involvement in a National Science Foundation-sponsored Smart Lighting initiative, and has been a presenter at the Indiana State Museum’s Science Nights summer education series. 

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology, Optics and Physics, 1986
  • MSc, The American College, Physics, 1980
  • BS, The American College, Physics, 1978

Awards & Honors

  • Science Advisory Board Member, President of the United States, 2008-2009
  • Fellow, International Society of Optical Engineers, 2006
  • Fellow, Optical Society of America, 1998
  • Board of Trustees Outstanding Scholar, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1997
  • Fellow, Optical Society of India, 1995
  • Humboldt Fellow, Germany, 1988-1989

Research Experiences

  • Optical metrology
  • Optical data processing
  • Holography
  • Holographic optical elements
  • Speckle phenomena and techniques
  • Optical component testing
  • Fringe analysis
  • Fiber optic sensor and technology
  • Smart lighting
  • Optical engineering education

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Joenathan, C.., "Multiple Beam for Displacement and Tilt Measurements," International Conference in Optics, Tezpur Assam, India, 2016 Joenathan, C., "Multiple Reflections in Michelson Interferometer," University of Tezpur, 2016
  • Joenathan, C., "Faculty Without Borders Activity in Africa," African Dean’s Council Conference, 2015
  • Joenathan, C., "High Sensitivity Interferometers with Multiple Reflections," Colloquium at IIT, Madras, 2015
  • Joenathan, C., "Advances in Speckle Metrology," American College, India, 2014
  • Joenathan, C., Bernal, A. and Sirohi, R. S., "Spatially Multiplexed X-Y Lateral Shear Interferometer with Variable Shears Using Holographic Lens and Spatial Fourier Transform,"Applied Optics, 52, 22, 5,570-5,576, 2013
  • Joenathan, C., Li, Y., Oh, W., Bunch, R. M. and Kirkpatrick, S., "Lateral Shear Interferometer with White Light and Holographic Elements," Optics Letters, Optical Society of America, 38, 22, 4,896-4,899, 2013
  • Joenathan, C., Bernal, A., Woonghee, Y., Bunch, R. M. and Hakoda, C., "Dual-Arm Multiple-Reflection Michelson Interferometer for Large Multiple Reflections and Increased Sensitivity, Optical Engineering, 55 (2), 024101, 2016
  • Pretheesh Kumar, V. C., Joenathan, C., Ganesan, A. R. and Somasundaram, U., "Increasing the Sensitivity for Tilt Measurement Using a Cyclic Interferometer with Multiple Reflections," Optical Engineering, 55(8), 084103, 2016
  • Pretheesh Kumar, V.C., Ganesan, A. R., Joenathan, C. and Somasundaramm, U., "Effect of Beam Quality on Tilt Measurement Using Cyclic Interferometer," Proceedings of the Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers, Interferometry XVIII, 99600H, 2016

Teaching Interests

  • Optical engineering
  • Physics
  • Experiential classroom learning
  • Develop undergraduate and graduate teaching tools
  • Develop new interdisciplinary programs and courses
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