Dr. Leanne Holder specializes in finite projective geometry and combinatorial structures. She has advised senior theses on a broad range of combinatorial topics including Pascal’s Theorem, blocking sets and graph theory, and constructions of magic squares of odd order.

Dr. Holder is involved with many annual math competitions for all grade levels. She co-organizes the Rose-Human High School Math Competition and coordinates both the state and regional MATHCOUNTS competition for middle schoolers. She further directs Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, which is a team-based competition for 3rd through 8th-grade girls featuring questions focused on four women of historical significance.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of Colorado-Denver, 2001
  • MS, University of Colorado-Denver, 1997
  • BS, University of Southern Mississippi, 1994

Awards & Honors

Research Interests

  • Conic blocking sets
  • Sharply focused and Hyperfocused arcs
  • Secret sharing schemes
  • Finite projective geometry

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Cherowitzo, W.E. and Holder, L.D., “Bilinear Flocks,” Journal of Geometry, 105, 3, 625-634, 2014
  • Cherowitzo, W.E. and Holder, L.D., “Blocking Sets of Index Three,” Bulletin of the ICA, 68, 70-78, 2013
  • Cherowitzo, W.E. and Holder, L.D., “Hyperfocused Arcs,” Bulletin of the Belgium Mathematical Society, 12, 685-696, 2005
  • “Conic Blocking Sets in Desarguesian Projective Planes,” Journal of Geometry, 80, 1-2, 95-105, 2004

Teaching Interests

  • Discrete mathematics
  • Combinatorics
  • Calculus
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