Dr. Timothy Grose is a professor of China Studies with expertise in ethnicity, ethnic policy in China and minority education. Much of his current research is focused on the Uyghur population, an ethnic minority in China. His expertise in this area has been sought by several international and national media. Dr. Grose also organized a four-day campus residency during the 2015-16 academic year for a group of Tibetan Buddhist monks in order to increase campus awareness of and interest in East Asian cultures.

Academic Degrees

Awards & Honors

  • BA, John Carroll University, 2005
  • MA, University of Virginia, 2007
  • MA, Indiana University, 2010
  • PhD, Indiana University, 2014

Research Experiences

  • Ethno-national identities of Uyghur boarding school students
  • Ethnic and religious policy in contemporary China
  • Islamic revival in contemporary Xinjiang
  • Islamic and Tibetan Buddhist ritual

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Co-Author, “Islamic Veils in Xinjiang: The Political and Societal Struggle to Define Uyghur Female Adornment,” The China Journal, Vol. 76, 78-102, 2016
  • “(Re)Embracing Islam in Neidi: the ‘Xinjiang Class’ and the dynamics of Uyghur Ethno-national Identity,” Journal of Contemporary China, Vol. 24, 101-118, 2015
  • “Uyghur Language Textbooks: Competing Images of a Multi-Ethnic China,” Asian Studies Review, Vol. 36, 369-3, 2012

Teaching Interests

  • Modern and contemporary China
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion and identity
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