Dr. Patrick Cunningham͛s specialties include controls, internal combustion engines, diagnostics and prognostics. He has industry experience working for Cummins and Holset Engineering, and has co-advised the Society of Automotive Engineers͛ Grand Prix Engineering competition team. Dr. Cunningham has a passion for teaching and is leading Rose-Hulman͛s participation in a national higher education consortium developing and promoting teaching practices to help engineering students reflect on their experiences. As part of this effort, he spent a sabbatical at Virginia Tech to study the learning process and educational psychology.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Purdue University, 2006
  • MS, Purdue University, 2000
  • BS, Purdue University, 1997

Awards & Honors

2018 - Board of Trustees Outstanding Scholar Award, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

2017 - Excellence in Service Award, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Research Experiences

  • Student metacognition and self-regulation in learning
  • The role of reflective practice in teaching, learning, and professional practice
  • Faculty development
  • Monitoring diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Engine governor design
  • Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment Consulting, Cummins, Inc., 2011-12

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Cunningham, P., Matusovich, H., Morelock, J. and Hunter, D., “Beginning to Understand and Promote Engineering Students' Metacognitive Development,” Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education’s Conference, New Orleans, 2016
  • Summers, S., Chenette, H., Ingram, E., McCormack, J. and Cunningham, P., “Cross-Disciplinary Exploration and Application of Reflection as a High Impact Pedagogy,” InSight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching, Vol. 11, 2016
  • Morelock, J., Matusovich, H., Cunningham, P. and Hermundstad, A., “Working the Problems: Creating a Behaviorist Culture” (Poster Presentation), American Educational Research Association Conference, Washington, D.C., 2016
  • Cunningham, P., Matusovich, H. and McCord, R., “Teaching Metacognitive Skills: Helping Students Take Ownership of Their Learning,” Conference of Higher Education Pedagogy Conference, Blacksburg, Virginia, 2016
  • Cunningham, P., Matusovich, H., McCord, R. and Hunter, D., “Engaging Students in Metacognitive Skill Development within Engineering Courses,”Proceedings - Frontiers in Education Conference, El Paso, Texas, 2015
  • Turns, J., Sattler, B., Thomas, L., Atman, C., Bankhead, R., Carberry, A., Csavina, K., Cunningham, P., Faust, D., Harding, T. and Yasuhara, K., “Reflecting on Reflection: How Educators Experience the Opportunity to Talk About Supporting Student Reflection,” Proceedings of the American Society for Engineering Education’s Conference, Seattle, 2015
  • Ingram, E., McCormack, J. and Cunningham, P., “An Actionable Model for Creating Faculty Learning Communities as a Mechanism for Promoting Transformative Learning,” Lilly Conference on Evidence-Based Teaching and Learning, Traverse City, Michigan, 2015
  • Cunningham, P., Meckl, P. and Shah, C., “Correlating Dynamic Pressure Signal Features to Diesel Particulate Filter Load,” Society of Automotive Engineers, Paper #2007-01-0333
  • Cunningham, P. and Frachek, M., “An Instrumental Variable Method for Continuous-Time Transfer Function Model Identification with Application to Controller Tuning,” American Society of Mechanical Engineers Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control, Vol. 129 (2), 154-162, 2007

Teaching Interests

  • System dynamics and control
  • Measurement systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Conservation and accounting principles
  • Programming
  • 3-D solid modeling
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