Dr. Kurt Bryan is an expert in applied mathematics and modeling, partial differential equations, and inverse problems and numerical analysis. He has industry experience working for Blount Industries and the Institute for Computer Applications and Engineering at NASA͛s Langley Research Center, and has been a visiting professor at Rutgers University and a distinguished visiting professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy. Dr. Bryan͛s paper examining the linear algebra behind Google has interested colleagues throughout the world. He is a faculty mentor for the inverse problems undergraduate research project, which received grants from the National Science Foundation. He has received the Board of Trustees Outstanding Scholar Award and co-advises the cycling and SCUBA clubs. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, building telescopes, and ballroom dancing. Check out his personal web page

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, University of Washington, 1990
  • BS, Reed College, 1984

Awards & Honors

Research Interests

  • Mathematical models and inversion algorithms for non-destructive testing of materials using electromagnetic and thermal methods
  • Analysis for nonlinear partial differential equations
  • Compressed sensing with applications to signal and image processing
  • Serves as consultant, Crane Payment Innovations, 2012-present
  • Staff scientist/consultant, Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering, NASA Langley Research Center, 1990-1994

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Broughton, S. A. and Bryan, K. M., “Discrete Fourier Analysis and Wavelets: Applications to Signal and Image Processing,” Wiley Publishers, Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Bryan, K., Zhang, J., Pervez, N., Cox, M., Jia, X., and Kymissis, I., “Inexpensive Photonic Crystal Spectrometer for Colorimetric Sensing,” Optics Express, 21, Issue 4, 4411-4423, 2013
  • Walter, D., Bryan, K., Stephens, J., Bullmaster, C., and Chakravarthy, V., “Localization of RF Emitters Using Compressed Sensing with Multiple Cooperative Sensors,” Proceedings of NAECON 2012, Dayton, Ohio, 2012
  • Bryan, K., and Vogelius, M., “Precise Bounds for Finite Time Blow-Up of Solutions to Very General One Space-Dimensional Nonlinear Neumann Problems,” Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, 69 (1), 57-78, 2011
  • Bryan, K., Haugh, J., and McCune, D., “Fast Imaging of Partially Conductive Linear Cracks Using Impedance Data,” Inverse Problems, 22, 1337-1358, 2006
  • Bryan, K., and Leise, T., “The $25,000,000,000 Eigenvector: The Linear Algebra Behind Google,” SIAM Review, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 48, Issue 3, 569-581, 2006

Teaching Interests

  • Applied mathematics and modeling
  • Partial differential equations and inverse problems
  • Numerical analysis
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