Dr. Hossein Alisafaee joined Rose-Hulman in 2017 from Grote Industries and serving as a physics instructor at IUPUI. He loves teaching and brings years of physics and mathematics teaching experience to his position at Rose-Hulman. He encourages critical thinking and questioning in his students and often asks them to work in small groups. He won the grand prize in the Charlotte (NC) Venture Challenge in 2014 and was a semi-finalist in the SPIE Startup Challenge that same year. His research interests include non-imaging optics, polymer/plastic optics, holography, and plasmonics.

Academic Degrees

Ph.D. Optics, University of North Carolina, 2014
Post-Doctoral Study, University of Arizona, 2015
MSc. Photonics, Shahid Beheshti University, 2010
B.S. Physics, Amirkabir University, 2006

Awards & Honors

SPIE Startup Challenge semi-finalist (2014)
Chair of Polarization Technical Group at Optical Society of America (OSA) 
Member of Joseph W. Goodman Book Writing Award (OSA)

Research Interests

Optical Lens Design, Lighting and Illumination, Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals

Selected Publications & Presentations

Alisafaee, M Fiddy, "Metamaterial-based optical dispersion compensation" US Patent 9,360,590

Alisafaee, MA Fiddy, "Polarization-dependent bandwidth in low-index plasmonic metamaterials" Applied Optics 53 (34), 8043-8048

Alisafaee, MA Fiddy, "Nanoantennas for nanowire photovoltaics" Applied Physics Letters 105 (11), 113107 

Alisafaee, J Marmon, MA Fiddy, "Spectral properties of Au–ZnTe plasmonic nanorods" Photonics Research 2 (1), 10-14

Alisafaee, MA Fiddy, "Polarization insensitivity in epsilon-near-zero metamaterial from plasmonic aluminum-doped zinc oxide nanoparticles" Journal of Nanophotonics 8 (1), 083898-083898

Alisafaee, M Ghanaatshoar, "Optimization of all-garnet magneto-optical magnetic field sensors with genetic algorithm" Applied Optics 51 (21), 5144-5148

Teaching Interests

Introductory Physics (mechanics, heat, electricity, magnetism), Optical Lens Design, Fourier Optics, Geometrical Optics
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